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Emily Taylor in Pet Review (****)

Emily Taylor in Pet Review (****) Admin

Summary: To do what Emily does takes balls and this very clever comedian has that, probably more than a non de-sexed Bordeaux canine... classic stuff Ms Taylor!


Salvia + Comedy!

Emily Taylor in Pet
2014 Melbourne International Comedy Festival
Dates: 27 March to 20th of April
Price: $15 – 20
Venue: Portland Hotel

Ever wondered what an attractive comedian looks like when they’re doing a Bordeaux Dog (Turner & Hooch) interpretation? Well look no further because Australian Emily Taylor, Winner Best Solo Show 2013 New Zealand Fringe is that person! In this 60-minute show, Emily will disclose to the audience about not just her life but also the life of pet owners and a very disturbing look inside a dog grooming salon. She also lets it slip that not all vegetarians are vegetarians! Let’s just think about that for a moment…


Her act also involves some really funny mime routines, interpretations or in the psychic world “channelling” plus a great rap song from a dog and a cat. After her unique interpretation of a dog at the start of her show, Emily will inform the audience of her love with pets from how she started a Hospital for Moths, worked in a grooming salon with something being placed where it shouldn’t have been placed and her first memory of the death of a close pet while eating chocolate cake.

As Emily’s infectious humour spreads through the audience, she will ask for some assistance from the members and one of her animal impersonations is to die for. This clever show ends with an awesome rap song between a dog and a cat of who is the better pet and in my professional opinion, I believe that both animals are the clear winners here thanks to her song. Who would have thought that all this information was hidden away inside the comedic brain of Emily Taylor which bursts out like opening a packet of the Skittles the wrong way!

Final Thoughts?

If you’re a pet lover and also contain a funny bone, than Emily Taylor in Pet is definitely a must see show at the 2014 Melbourne International Comedy Festival and unlike some of the smaller stand-ups, Emily is oozing with confidence which makes her humour succeed on so many levels. As you listen intently to her stories or watch her very amusing mime routines, she’ll throw something else at the audience such as a great one-liner or that a lot of salvia actually takes more than 60 minutes to dry! To do what Emily does takes balls and this very clever comedian has that, probably more than a non de-sexed Bordeaux Dog… classic stuff and oh… please don’t lick Guinea Pig tears!

To see Emily in Melbourne, please visit

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