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Elevate Your Work-From-Home Set-Up with AnkerWork’s B600 Video Conferencing Bar

AnkerWork, the developer of unique conferencing solutions that enhance the hybrid work experience today launched the AnkerWork B600 at Harvey Norman.

The brand’s first all-in-one video conferencing bar combines a 2K camera, 4-mic array, dual speakers and smart LED light bar that is set to elevate the everyday work experience. It was also unveiled as a CES Award honoree during CES 2022.

Four-In-One Design

The AnkerWork B600 is a four-in-one remote communication and collaboration video bar that is designed to solve your work-from-home challenges by eliminating desk clutter, distracting sounds and poor lighting during meetings.

The B600 seamlessly integrates four capabilities into a single device: a 2K conference camera, intelligent noise reduction microphone array, high-quality speakers, and built-in automated lighting. Equally ideal for using at home or at the office, the compact device mounts easily on an external monitor while helping you maintain a neat and tidy workspace.

“The hybrid work model is here to stay and for people to stay connected with their colleagues, they have to look at investing in multiple conferencing solutions – lights, mics, cameras and more,” said Gaspar Xie, Head of Sales & Operations at Anker ANZ. “The B600 is the first all-in-one video conferencing bar to offer a true plug and play studio experience. It makes everyone look and sound more professional while removing excess clutter in the workspace.”

Excellent Audio and Video Performance 

AnkerWork’s B600 features a 2K video camera with auto-focus, field-of-view adjustment, and image enhancement to deliver a professional video experience from any location.

The B600 also features VoiceRadar™, an intelligent vocal radar technology that leverages four highly sensitive mics to detect, isolate and enhance the user’s voice audio from different directions. In addition, its 2X2W speakers incorporate directional beamforming technology that deliver incredible sound even in the noisiest of environments.

The AnkerWork B600 can be used with most current video conference platforms to provide vibrant video and crystal-clear audio to ensure users look and sound their best no matter where they are.

Innovative Built-in Light 

Through MagicSight™ intelligent lighting technology, the B600 can accurately compensate for any lighting conditions in the home office. The B600 analyzes facial lighting through the camera and calculates the ideal lighting requirements for a perfect image. The B600 also delivers automated lighting adjustment through its built-in LED light bar to ensure users look their best in any setting. In addition, color temperature and brightness can be adjusted using the AnkerWork app.

The integrated light panel design comes with added privacy and lighting functions. When closed, the light panel acts as a privacy shield by covering the camera. The lighting panel also doubles up as a reading light.

Product Specifications

  • Video:
  • 2K/30fps
  • Adjustable field of view of 65º, 78º and 90º
  • AI-powered auto focus
  • AI-powered intelligent zoom
  • AI-powered image enhancement

  • Audio:
  • 4-mic array for consistent voice pickup
  • 2x2W audio output, Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) less than 1%
  • AI-powered noise cancellation

  • Light:
  • Edge light component
  • Auto and manual light control
  • Adjustable light brightness level and color temperature

  • Additional Details:
  • AnkerWork App access for manually adjusting video/light settings
  • Two dedicated USB-C ports for charging and data transfer
  • USB-A port for pairing with wireless headsets (e.g. AnkerWork H700)

Price & Availability

In Australia, Directed Electronics is the exclusive distributor of the B600 and AnkerWork range. The AnkerWork B600 is available for purchase today at Harvey Norman stores in Australia at a price of AUD $499.95.

Additional press materials, including product images, can be found here.

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