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Electro-Max Eye Drone Review

Electro-Max Eye Drone Review James Wright

Summary: The Electro-Max Eye Drone is a fun product with both video and stunt capabilities!


Great Value!

The Xtreem Electro-Max Eye Drone is a lightweight and powerful drone that has the ability to capture 720p videos and photos while flying. Using the wireless 2.5Ghz band, users can control the Electro-Max Eye Drone up to 30 metres while they fly, flip and control this machine through their homes or the outdoors. Although it works great outdoors, you need to ensure that the wind is kept to a minimum because it makes controlling the Electro-Max Eye Drone a little more difficult if not impossible when too windy.


So inside the box, you get the Electro-Max Eye Drone, Remote Control, MicroSD Card 4GB, Card Reader, Spare Rotor Blades & Parts, USB Charging Cable, a bonus Landing Pad Game and the operating instructions. The only downside with the installation of this product is that you do need to purchase four AA batteries in order to power the remote control. In terms of power for the drone itself, it does come with a Lithium Polymer battery that gives the user about 7 minutes of flight time before it must be charged via the USB which takes around 60 minutes to fully charge.


Out of the box, you must first install your four AA batteries into the very gamepad looking controller which looks like an XBox One controller. One the remote control has the batteries installed, you simply connect the battery connector together on the drone and you’re ready to fly. The remote control is easy to use and has definitely been designed to suit the gamer audience. On the top side of the controller, you have high/low speeds on the left with a flip button on the right. The top middle has the power button and on the left and right of this are the two control sticks for height and controls.


The gamepad looking buttons also allow you to take photos/videos, reset the trim and fine tune the trims in order to make controlling the Electro-Max Eye Drone a more enjoyable experience. It does take a little tweaking to get the drone to fly correctly but if you spend this initial time tweaking the device, it’s quite a fun experience. The left stick allows you to control the height of the drone by pushing forward (up) or backward (down) and by pushing it left or right, it rotates the device. The right stick is basically used to move it forward and backward or side to side. There are also two flight modes depending on your choice.


Unlike other drones, the Electro-Max Eye Drone performs some really fun flips thanks to its 360 flip button which does take quite a bit of practice and needless to say I had quite a few crashes. Thankfully the drone is quite lightweight so if it does crash, it shouldn’t damage it unless you’re flying it over concrete so I would recommend a park or another grassy area. As mentioned, the drone does come with a 4GB card that can take short movies and photos while you are flying it. In actual fact, the card will store around 60 minutes of footage and you can install an 8GB card as well.


Final Thoughts?

With Christmas just around the corner and if you’re looking for something different for your kids then you might want to check out the Electro-Max Eye Drone from Xtreem which boasts some fun features like videos and flips. It does take some time to master the controls but once you do, you can have some great fun flying this drone through your house (if you’re careful) or outdoors. The only drawback of the product is that it does not come with batteries for the controller but it’s a small issue and kudos for Xtreem for including a 4GB card. Lastly, the drone comes with technical support should you encounter any difficulties.

Great fun!


  • Battery Requirements: 4 x AA for Remote Control* (Built-in 3.7V 250mAh Li-poly battery in Drone)
  • Remote Control: 2.4GHz Wireless
  • Rotor Diameter: 2.59″ / 66mm x 4
  • Dimensions: (L x W x H): 5.99″ x 5.99″ x 1.46″ /  152mm x 152mm x 37mm
  • Weight: (minus guards): 1.31oz / 37g
  • Conditions: Indoors

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