Published on June 12th, 2024 | by Adrian Gunning

ECOVACS x ALDI Special Buys – Half Price DEEBOT Delivers 5,000pa Suction and Auto-Empty Station with Massive 5L Dust Bag for under $500

ECOVACS ROBOTICS, the world’s leading service robotics brand and Australian market leader, is taking the ALDI Special Buys aisle to the next level, delivering the all new DEEBOT NEO 2.0 PLUS robotic vacuum and mop with auto-empty station to shelves across the country on Wednesday, June 19. Priced at just $499, half its recommended retail price, it marks the first time ECOVACS has delivered a robotic vacuum and mop with an auto empty station to ALDI and a super large 5L dust bag to deliver true hands-free cleaning and convenience.

The all-new auto-empty station joins many features, including 5,000pa suction, 3 hours of runtime, customised cleaning modes and carpet recognition, that delivers the many benefits of home robotics in an incredibly affordable, beautifully compact and feature-rich new DEEBOT.

Its 5,000PA suction, almost double that of the previous DEEBOT NEO, is delivered alongside a powerful 5,200mAh battery that delivers 180 minutes of runtime, enabling it to clean approximately 370 square meters in a single charge. When finished, it returns to the compact auto empty station, where its huge 5L dustbag holds the dust and debris and delivers hands-free convenience.

The DEEBOT NEO 2.0 PLUS’ ability to both vacuum and mop at the same time depending on the surface makes it the perfect option for those looking to try a robot vacuum for the first time or add a second robotic vacuum to their multi-level home. It features Smart Navi 3.0 laser mapping and navigation system, is compatible with Google Home or Amazon Alexa for easy integration into a smart home, while its cleaning level and performance can be easily controlled by a smartphone through the ECOVACS Home App for a hands-free experience.

“We are proud to be able to deliver such an incredible product for under $500 at a time when Australians are balancing cost of living pressures against a desire to own a feature-rich robotic vacuum cleaner. The new DEEBOT NEO 2.0 PLUS delivers strong improvements across the board as we evolve our NEO range. We know that many Australians have been waiting for an auto-empty station to arrive to the ALDI Special Buys aisle and we have delivered this alongside incredible suction and run time among many other benefits that reinforce our goal to make home robotics as accessible as possible,” said Karen Powell, Regional Director, ECOVACS ANZ.

“We’re excited for the arrival of the ECOVACS DEEBOT NEO 2.0 PLUS to ALDI’s Special Buys aisle. The new product is packed with innovation, including an auto-empty station, and offers a wide array of convenient functions, all for the incredible ALDI price of just $499. It’s the perfect choice for customers seeking to streamline their cleaning routine and reclaim valuable time in their day.”  said a spokesperson for ALDI Australia.

Key Features At A Glance:   

  • Compact Auto-Empty Station: With its large 5L dust bag, the auto empty station enables the robot to empty its dust and debris into the station without you needing to lift a finger. And at only 27cm high, it allows for easy placement in various furniture spaces for convenient storage.
  • 5000Pa suction power: Unleash superior cleanliness with the 5000Pa suction power unrivalled within its price range, perfect for homes with pets and children.
  • 180 minutes of runtime: Power up your cleaning routine with our 5200mAh battery, ensuring an impressive 180 minutes cleaning experience.
  • Automatic charging and continuous cleaning: Long cleaning times are no problems for the DEEBOT NEO 2.0 PLUS. If the battery is low, it automatically returns to the auto empty station. As soon as it is fully charged, it continues cleaning the floor where it left off.
  • Automatic Carpet Recognition: With its ultrasonic sensors, DEEBOT NEO 2.0 PLUS navigates around carpets during mopping to avoid making them wet and boosts suction in the single-sweep mode for effective dust removal from carpet crevices.
  • Fast and Accurate Mapping: the Smart Navi 3.0 LDS laser navigation system continuously scans the home environment, and updates maps in real time despite environmental changes. If the robot is moved, it can also relocate itself to avoid getting lost or missed spaces.
  • Mapping of several levels: Scan and store multiple maps of different floors of your home. The robot will customise its cleaning path once identifying which map it is in. You can also customise which room you’d like the robot to clean in sequence on each floor.
  • App control: You can use the app to conveniently control your robot from any situation and schedule a cleaning time or check the current cleaning status. Maps can be stored and individually adapted – with functions including Virtual Boundary, which limits the robotic vacuum cleaner’s operating area.
  • Customised Cleaning: customise specific suction power, water flow and cleaning sequences for each room in the home.
  • Smart Home Device Compatibility: Experience convenient, hands-off controls via Google Home or Amazon Echo – simply link your smart home devices to your robot.
  • Stress free updates: The intuitive robot manages its own updates using ‘Over The Air’ technology. You can just update your APP to get the functions optimised and extended.
  • High Efficiency Air Filter: Breathe easy while your robot cleans. With its High Efficiency Filter, your robot will reduce airborne triggers while vacuuming.

Pricing and availability

The DEEBOT NEO 2.0 PLUS is available as part of ALDI Special Buys from June 19 for $499, while stocks last.

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