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ECOVACS ROBOTICS, a global leader in home robotics innovation, has today announced that it will be returning to ALDI as part of this week’s Special Buys catalogue with the DEEBOT OZMO 920. On sale for $399, less than half its original RRP, it will see ECOVACS deliver ALDI its smartest robotic vacuum to-date and offer an even smarter, more efficient, and more powerful cleaning experience. It comes with a raft of mopping, vacuuming, mapping and voice-activated features as well as a suite of upgrades for an even more ‘hands off’ user experience including 110 minutes of battery life.

With an original RRP of $899 before this promotion, the DEEBOT OZMO 920 caters to multi-level homes with the ability to map and store multiple floorplans and automatically recognise which one to use. These maps, visible in the ECOVACS Home App, are also customisable allowing the user to create virtual boundaries or send the robot to specific areas needing attention.

Furthermore, a larger battery enables it to clean uninterrupted for 110 minutes before it will return to its charger, while a slim design offers improved mobility, and powerful suction performed at a low noise level. Inbuilt carpet detection means the robotic vacuum will automatically avoid carpets when mopping, or increase suction power when just vacuuming, reacting intuitively to the user’s specific home environment.

“We’ve seen an overwhelming response from our customers to our previous DEEBOT OZMO promotions and we are excited to partner again with ECOVACS to launch the OZMO 920 as part of our special buys program for the first time with even more features and benefits than previous promotions at an amazing price” said Shay Stearnes, Buying Director, ALDI Australia.

“With the DEEBOT OZMO 920, ALDI customers are able to graduate to new levels of smart cleaning and convenience. It is a perfect example of our ongoing commitment to providing Australian households with the best possible care and working with ALDI means we are able to save our customers money as well as well as time, in the process!” said Karen Powell, Head of ECOVACS ROBOTICS ANZ.

Smart features mean a smarter clean.

The DEEBOT OZMO 920 gives users a premium cleaning experience, made possible by smart mapping and navigation technology and instrumental additions such as the ability to recognise the floor type and adjust the clean accordingly as well as remember maps to multiple household floors.

These features include:

  • Upgraded Smart Navi™ 3.0 Laser Mapping and Navigation Technology which scans, maps, and plans an efficient cleaning path based on a user’s home.
  • Multi-Floor Mapping technology to scan and store multiple maps of a house’s different levels, leaving no floor missed in Aussie homes.
  • ECOVACS’ signature OZMO™ Mopping Technology allows the robot to efficiently vacuum and mop in one go. A 240ml water tank and electronically controlled water pump allows it to precisely control the water flow speed at four different levels, offering a smooth and consistent clean when tackling dirt or dried liquid on the floor without over or under damping the cleaning cloth.
  • Carpet Detection Technology allows it to automatically increase suction power on carpets when vacuuming and avoid carpets when mopping without human interaction.
  • Superior Cleaning Efficiency delivered by an optimised suction channel design and the revolutionary pressure-retention system which boosts energy efficiency while ensuring high vacuum pressure at a surprisingly low noise level. Combined with ECOVACS’ latest Floating Brush 2.0 design this enables the robot to sweep up to 4mm deep cracks.
  • Interchangeable Suction and Brush Inlets are designed to remain close to the ground and adapt to different types of floor surfaces. The tangle-free intake is best for collecting hair and pet fur, while the V-shaped main brush provides a deeper, more thorough clean, particularly on carpets.
  • Large Battery Capacity allows for 110 minutes uninterrupted runtime in one session, after which the robot will automatically charge and resume cleaning.
  • Enhanced Mobility with a new platform design, allowing it to effortlessly cross obstacles such as doorsills of up to 20mm.
  • Slim design with a height of only 93mm, meaning it is much slimmer than other floor cleaning robots with Laser Mapping and Navigation Technology.
  • Voice Activation with Amazon Echo and Google Home compatibility.
  • ECOVACS Home App Cleaning Customisation allows users to view the visual maps generated by Smart Navi™ 3.0 technology and easily create virtual boundaries, not only for vacuuming, but also for mopping. Users can also assign cleaning areas, set cleaning schedules and switch between cleaning modes.

Pricing and availability

The DEEBOT OZMO 920 is available at ALDI Australia from 10th March, for a limited time only at $399, while stocks last.

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