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Dune (1984) Limited Edition 3D Lenticular Hardcase + Art Cards Review

Dune (1984) Limited Edition 3D Lenticular Hardcase + Art Cards Review James Wright

Summary: Dune (1984) Limited Edition 3D Lenticular Hardcase + Art Cards is a true master class of sci-fi done right!


Master Class

With the latest Dune films to land in cinemas from director Denis Villeneuve, now is the perfect time to revisit the first incarnation with David Lynch’s masterpiece that is equally compelling. Additionally, this release is celebrating its 40th anniversary (time flies on the Spice Dunes) with Via Vision releasing an amazing 3-Disc Limited Edition.

This release includes the original theatrical version plus the extended TV version which provides a slightly different look at this cult classic by Lynch. Also supporting this release are some great extras, including an extended cut of the feature-length documentary that takes beyond the making of this film with “The Sleeper Must Awaken”.

For the uninitiated, Dune was created by legendary author Frank Hebert who created this vast and detailed universe set in the distant future with a heavy component of political war and warring factions as they attempt to secure their houses as the dominant force. The 1984 film is set in the year 10,191 where four planets are attempting to control the mining of the Spice Melange that is only found on the planet of Arrakis. These planets are overseen by the Padishah Emperor Shaddam IV and his army, the Sarduakar who are pitting two houses against each other in order to control the spice.

While a narcotic substance, spice is vital for space travel and also enhances psychic abilities which makes it the most valuable substance in the universe and whoever controls Arrakis, controls the spice. The film also boasted a stellar cast that included Kyle MacLachlan, Virginia Madsen, Patrick Stewart and Sting with excellent performances and some quite over the top. Other stars involve Juergen Prochnow, Jose Ferrer, Sean Young, Dean Stockwell, Kenneth McMillan, Freddie Jones, Brad Dourif and Max von Sydow but as you can see, there’s quite a bit of talent behind this surreal interpretation of Frank Herbert’s Dune.

With an ancient prophecy at play, the “noble” House Atreides and the “villainous’ House Harkonnen are both attempt to secure the spice, however with alliances forged and broken, an intergalactic war is about to be unleashed as the son of the Duke Atreides (INSERT), Paul uncovers dark secrets as he becomes one with The Fremen, the race who calls Arrakis home who ride the giant Sand Worms of this planet after being left for dead on this world with his mother. Paul also discovers that he is a powerful chess piece in House Atreides whose existence was contributed to a sisterhood of witches.

The overall video quality is far superior to previous releases, however given that this is a 40-year old film, there is some graininess and specks visible. Nonetheless, the overall visual quality is good with certain scenes jumping out at you, especially the final battle which does look spectacular. Sure, special effects appear dated when compared to the latest Dune films but this release of this particular version is now the definitive version. Further complementing the visuals is the DTS-HD that enhances the overall atmosphere of the movie and is quite noticeable when the action picks up.

As mentioned, this release is jam packed with special features that really takes you into the psyche of this incarnation of Dune. From “lost” interviews to in-depth documentaries about how they translated the book to the film, including the excellent documentary called The Sleeper Must Awaken: The Making of Dune which is your one-stop shop into this cult classic. Lastly the presentation of this release is brilliant from the excellent 3D Lenticular case to the art cards which really makes this box set a true collector’s item.

Final thoughts?

This is the Dune (1984) Limited Edition 3D Lenticular Hardcase + Art Cards is the definitive version of David Lynch’s sci-fi epic. While aimed at fans, it is also aimed at lovers of sci-fi and classic films. Sure, it’s a little dated but given that it is now over 40-years old, the 1984 version of Dune is still a must see adaption but be warned, this release is strictly limited.


Special Features & Technical Specs:

  • 1080p High-definition presentation on Blu-ray
  • Theatrical and Extended TV Version
  • NEW Audio Commentary on the Extended TV Version by film journalist Max Evry (2024)
  • “The Sleeper Must Awaken: Making Dune” – feature-length documentary – NEW EXTENDED VERSION
  • “Beyond Imagination: Merchandising Dune” – featurette
  • “Prophecy Fulfilled: Scoring Dune” – featurette
  • “Destination Dune” – featurette
  • “Impressions of Dune” – documentary
  • “Designing Dune” – featurette
  • “Dune Models & Miniatures” – featurette
  • “Dune FX” – featurette
  • “Dune Costumes” – featurette
  • Deleted scenes with introduction by Raffaella de Laurentiis
  • Vintage interview with actor Paul Smith
  • Vintage interview with production coordinator Golda Offenheim
  • Vintage interview with make-up effects artist Christopher Tucker
  • Theatrical Trailers and TV Spots
  • Image Galleries
  • Optional English HOH Subtitles
  • Audio DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1
  • Aspect Ratio 2.35:1


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