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Published on December 4th, 2023 | by S. Masoud Kazemi

Dredge – The Pale Reach Review @BSG_DREDGE

Dredge – The Pale Reach Review @BSG_DREDGE S. Masoud Kazemi

Summary: The Pale Reach combines the fear of cold and unknown to create a unique horror but it lacks in story and innovation.


The Fear of Cold

Dredge was one of the best games I had the chance to experience when it came out. A truly amazing and horrifying indie game that I shall remember as one of the finest of 2023. The Pale Reach is the latest content released for the game that will add a new icy territory for players to explore and a new mystery to uncover.

This DLC can be played any time you want but it is best to experience it once you’ve upgraded your ship and equipment a little bit. There is a lengthy distance that you must travel before reaching that location and not having a fast boat will make the journey a hell for you. Speaking of the journey, I was a bit confused at first about how to reach the new area due to the fact that I haven’t played the game recently but once I got there, everything started to come back to me.

Dredge - The Pale Reach Review

The Pale Reach is a rather short experience on its own. If you decide to play just this section there is not much you can expect from it. However, if you try this expansion alongside the main game in a single playthrough, then it will be much more impactful. Yet, I wished there were more pieces of lore about the events of the main game as well.

At the very least some connection between what happens in the main story and the Pale Reach expansion. The little story you face in this expansion is intriguing and well-written. Yet I believe the mystery and horror of the main game were much better and on a higher level of quality.

Dredge - The Pale Reach Review

In the gameplay terms, however, it is brilliant. The best way to put is that this DLC is like a miniature experience of what the main game offered. You get to dredge new items and upgrade your ship so you can break the ice and fish in icy areas. Combining that with a few new soundtracks you will forget the voyage of time.

The same goes for sound editing and visual aesthetics of the new area. The cracking voice of breaking ice as you pass through them and all the snowy and icy mountains around create a unique atmosphere. For that particular reason, the Pale Reach has a subtle layer of fear of cold in it alongside the Lovecraftian horror which is a rare combination.

Dredge - The Pale Reach Review

Final Thoughts

The Pale Reach is a good expansion for Dredge, but it’s at the level of the main game. The new additions such as new variants of fishes, a couple of quests, and equipment are great. Yet the story of the DLC itself isn’t that engaging, but it has created a unique horror atmosphere.

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