Published on November 27th, 2014 | by Andrew Bistak

Dreams the Second Floor Review

Dreams the Second Floor Review Andrew Bistak

Summary: Dreams the Second Floor is another brilliant show from NICA that cleverly revolves around the theme of dreams thanks to the direction of Firenza Guidi


Circus dreams!

Dreams from the Second Floor
Circus Arts
NICA Circus Centre 39 – 59 Green Street Prahran
Dates: 26 November – 6 December 2014
Reviewer: Andrew Bistak

Currently playing at the National Institute of Circus Arts (NICA) in Prahran Victoria is the extraordinary new circus performance entitled Dreams from the Second Floor that takes the audience on a truly surreal and ethereal experience of both the visual and auditory senses. Under the auspice of director Firenza Guidi (Immortal, Bianco), her vision of Dreams from the Second Floor is something from the world of dreams that is beautifully performed by the NICA graduates of 2014.

However unlike mainstream circus performances, Dreams from the Second Floor definitely breaks this mould as Guidi ensures that at times, something is happening in all four corners of the venue which really immerses you in the performance. As a result, it’s like stepping into the lands of Alice in Wonderland.

NICA Dreams from the second floor by Aaron Walker

Dreams from the Second Floor is also quite a spontaneous and random show due to the dreaming theme which incorporates a variety of amazing performances such as the Aerial Ring, Hula Hoops and Roue Cyr to name a few of the circus acts. Audio is another highlight of the show that uses both live music and pre-recorded music to help tell the emotional story behind each performance. A special mention should be made to Angelique Ross who is not only a talented circus performer but also a skilled musician who plays a variety of instruments like the saxophone which definitely adds another layer to this performance.

NICA Dreams from the second floor by Aaron Walker-624

With 25 acts split with a 15-minute intermission, Dreams from the Second Flood commences with an act entitled Apartment Installations that has the entire cast on scaffolding at the entrance of the venue which feels very much like Broadway.

This really sets the scene of things to comes such as Teame Ersie performing an amazing Static Trapeze act or the stunning Sewing Machine Contortion act that saw Ella Horner, Mia Albers, Ashleigh Tomasini, Felicia Lannan and Chelsea Angell create this beautiful routine that looks like something out of a dream from World War II with a touch of women’s sufferance.

NICA Dreams from the second floor by Aaron Walker_DSC4533

The show is also a little risqué with one performance involving Chelsea Angell, Felicia Lannan and Ashleigh Tomasini combining burlesque with the German Wheel or Reece Cooper and Will Meager defying the limits and strength of the human body in their dance routine. Darcy Meaker and Angelique Ross also perform the tightwire that really highlights the agility and balance of these performers as they create this impressive romance high above the floor.

Add in the Flying Trapeze (Angelique Ross, Mia Albers, Morgan Wilson, Reece Cooper, Ashleigh Tomasini and Phoebe Carlson), a feat of strength with the Aerial Straps (Lucas Simonds) and the Hula Hoop with Olivia Watts and Dreams from the Second Floor successfully creates this dreamlike world that pushes your imagination to a whole new level.

NICA Dreams from the second floor by Aaron Walker_DSC4493

Final Thoughts?

Firenza Guidi and the 2014 NICA graduates should all be commended on a spectacular performance as not only does it defy physics but takes the viewer on a very memorable dreamlike experience. Add in the incorporation of music, sound and some comedic elements and Dreams from the Second Floor is definitely a must see circus performance that I could highly recommend to everyone.

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