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Dr. Seventh Book Review

Dr. Seventh Book Review admin

Summary: Dr. Seventh is a fun way of exploring the Doctor Who mythology with children!


Dr Men!

It’s time for another Doctor Who adventure for younger Whovians as the good doctor gets another Mr. Men makeover thanks to Adam Hargreaves who is the son of the legendary Roger Hargreaves. With just the right amount of action and mystery, author and illustrator Adam Hargreaves successfully brings this character into the Mr. Men universe as he turns actor Sylvester McCoy into one of his father’s characters.

More importantly, Dr. Seventh is firmly based in the Doctor Who universe and really feels like a story from this universe. The story commences with the Doctor and his companion Ace walking through the forest in order to reach their friends who are not home. Unfortunately along the way, they bump into the Cheetah people and thanks to the quick thinking of the Doctor, they manage to escape, only to come face to face with The Master. So avoiding The Master, they finally come across their friends and discover why the Cheetah people kidnapped their friends in this fun little adventure for all ages.

Although the art is a little on the simplistic side, it actually matches that of the regular Mr. Men series and artist Chris Hargreaves really adds some dynamic pages into this story which will help draw younger readers in. Additionally, the text is easy to read and helps bring this story to life and is a great story of the Sylvester McCoy incarnation of Doctor Who, even with his trademark umbrella.

Final Thoughts?

These books are jammed pack with Doctor Who goodness that younger readers will simply adore and it’s great that this title also bridges the gap for children with both mythologies. Being a Doctor Who fan, it’s nice that the legacy continues so kudos for Adam Hargreaves in creating such a compelling and enjoyable read.

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