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Dorothy Book Review

Dorothy Book Review Admin

Summary: Dorothy is about discovering who you are.



Dorothy wears Doc Martens.

Clicking her shoes together once, twice, three times.

She whispers, “Where is my home?”



Dorothy Book Review

Dorothy is the new book  by writer Jordan Collins and illustrator Myo Yim that takes the classic premise of The Wizard of OZ and modernises it for a new generation of younger readers.

While not the “real” Dorothy per se, it does follow a young girl who is questioning who she is in life.

As Dorothy dreams and sees the world from her perspective, she is trying to piece together the jigsaw puzzle of life as she always ask the question “is this my home?”.

However as the book goes on, Dorothy starts piecing together what is home that is sometimes the warm embrace from a person, the stars and hills that we see at night or just feeling of your heart beat inside you, she eventually learns that to be a home, you must be at peace with yourself.

Final Thoughts?

Dorothy is superbly written that is brought to life by its truly stunning illustrations that while quite grounded, it is also quite a magical read as well.

Highly Recommended!

And whisper



This is my home.

This is my home.

This is my home.

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