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Doomsday Clock #2 Review

Doomsday Clock #2 Review Andrew Bistak

Summary: Doomsday Clock #2 commences the clash of two worlds...


Clash of worlds

Geoff Johns returns the reader to the world of the Watchmen as we’re introduced to ‘the tailor’s wife’ that after the rise of the Minutemen in 1939, she’d create a costume to anyone wanting to make a name for themselves. In the present and in order for Adrian Veidt (aka Ozymandias) to get the attention of Doctor Manhattan, he’s ‘arming’ Marionette and Mime with their costumes while Rorschach watches on.

Most of them would shit their pants as soon as they ran across the Comedian or Nite Owl and toss their suits in the trash – Rorschach

So when Marionette and the Mime commence a robbery, Ozymandias hopes that Marionette will trigger a memory for Doctor Manhattan so that he will ‘return’ to Earth. And although he doesn’t stay, Ozymandias has found a way to track this demigod as he follows his blue electrons. Needless to say, this group from another world are headed straight to the DCU.

Bruce, the bat is not the symbol it used to be. It’s become a disease – Lucius Fox

Elsewhere in another world… the DCU, Bruce Wayne is taking one of his annual psychological exams for the board of Wayne Enterprises. Although this world was once bright, it has started mirroring the Watchmen universe as Bruce discusses why Gotham City needs Batman, whereas Lucius Fox states that they have lost faith with heroes. It also seems that these visitors from another universe have found themselves in Gotham City as they follow the blue electron bread crumbs with their first stop being the public library.

Those wearing costumes, most of them are superhuman. The Dr Manhattan problem a hundredfold – Ozymandias

Rorschach and Ozymandias also debate whether Dr Manhattan created this world or has he become one of the heroes? Ozymandias decides to track down two of the smartest men on this world, Bruce Wayne and Lex Luthor to help them navigate their obstacles on this alternate reality. So while Rorschach searches the Batcave for Bruce Wayne, Ozymandias has an interesting chat to Lex before this meeting is interrupted by none other than the Comedian himself.

If you’re the smartest man on your planet, I’d hate to meet the dumbest – Lex Luthor

Final Thoughts?

Geoff Johns creates an interesting dichotomy between the world of Watchmen and the DCU and although it’s another slow build, it was quite an interesting read with lots of information thrown into the pages. Complementing the artwork is Gary Frank who was born to draw both these universes with some truly stunning panels.

The comic ends with some very insightful pages from the computer of LexNet and the theory about the origins of superheroes on this Earth and that these men and women are government controlled and sponsored. Watchmen anyone?

You ate my breakfast – Batman

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