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Summary: Another fantastic issue and we are only one issue away from seeing the end of this amazing story.



I know there have been comics that have had worse release schedules then this, but I don’t think that there has been a more important comic to a company that has had its release schedule so badly bungled. I get that everyone wants it to be perfect art wise and story wise, but 12 issues should not take 3 + years to release. All the griping and bitching aside, this is another fantastic issue and we are only one issue away from seeing the end of this amazing story.

Lex and Lois continue their talk about the nature of time and what was taken away and we get to see a (in my opinion) simply ridiculous and yet totally hilarious contrivance that Lex saw Wally come back and hug Barry like we saw in DC Rebirth #1. For once it’s nice to see how Lex actually always knows so much, but the fact that he just happened to witness Wally’s rebirth because it was during his Dr. Manhattan investigation is just silly.

Superman finally gets up and puts his costume on. He flies to Washington to stop the super-villains that Wonder Woman has been valiantly trying to fight off and of course stops everyone in their tracks. As much as Batman scares people, Superman has the power to instill over-whelming terror into super villains. The issue ends as Dr. Manhattan and Superman stare at each other… Which wasn’t what I thought was going to happen. I really thought we’d end the issue on Manhattans vision of Superman running at him.

Hope the next (and final) issue comes out in 2020.

4 out of 5.

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