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Doomsday Clock #1 Review

Doomsday Clock #1 Review Andrew Bistak

Summary: Doomsday Clock #1 is a slow start but is definitely leading to a Geoff Johns extravaganza!


A slow start

The Doomsday Clock is one of the most anticipated comics of 1992… err… 2017 and at the moment is a Watchmen story as the links to the DCU become clearer. For the uninitiated, the Watchmen was created by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons as a deconstruction of the superhero industry set in an alternate universe during the 80’s which had a slightly different timeline then our Earth.

However the rise of superheroes soon came crashing down and most ‘disappeared’ into obscurity. The government (those sneaky bastards) did sanction two to continue working, the godlike Doctor Manhattan and The Comedian. However when The Comedian is found murdered with the iconic bloodstained smiley face, outlawed hero Rorshach uncovers a deeper conspiracy which leads to a powerful reckoning. It was a powerful read back in the day, however modern readers may find it a little dated in terms of the story and presentation.

Doomsday Clock picks up in 1992, 7-years after the initial story of the Watchmen that is narrated by Rorshach as he informs the reader that since ‘god’ left, the world has broken and the only way to restore it is to bring him back. There’s also a global manhunt for the world’s smartest man, Adrian Veidt (aka Ozymandias) who has been charged with the murder of three million people.

However for Rorshach’s agenda to succeed, he breaks out The Marionette (Erika Manson) from prison, including her partner in order to take them to Ozmandias who needs them to help bring Dr Manhattan back. This powerful entity left the Watchmen galaxy for a less complex one… with all clues leading to the DCU where Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman live. The issue ends with Clark Kent dreaming of the death of his parents (was Manhattan involved?) plus some newspaper clippings from the Watchmen ‘galaxy’.

Final Thoughts?

So here it is… Doomsday Clock #1. Was it what I was expecting? Not exactly but I’m interested to see how these two worlds will clash. Obviously Rorshach somehow gets to the DCU and more than likely Doctor Manhattan has been interfering with this universe as hinted in Rebirth and other titles. All in all, it was an interesting yet slow start with some engaging text by Geoff Johns plus the amazing art of Gary Frank who was born to draw Superman.


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