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DOOM gets an update adding Vulkan support resulting in performance gains for Radeon graphics cards

Recently ID software announced the availability for the Vulkan™ version of DOOM that relies on innovative features to deliver incredible performance. This is supported by the latest version of the Radeon Software Crimson 16.7.2.

As you may already know, the Vulkan™ API is a descendant of AMD’s Mantle that supports close-to-metal control across Windows® 7, Windows® 8.1, Windows® 10, and Linux®. Compared to OpenGL, Vulkan™ substantially reduces “API overhead” – the background work a CPU does to interpret what a game asks of the hardware – to deliver meaningful features, performance, and image quality and expose GPU hardware features that wouldn’t ordinarily be accessible through OpenGL.

DOOM benefits from Vulkan support by using several great features:

· Asynchronous Shaders

· Shader Intrinsics or Shader Intrinsic Functions

· Frame Flip Optimizations

Here are a couple of performance figures at first glance:


We applaud id Software and Bethesda for making the leap to the brave new world of low-overhead APIs. We highly recommend testing out the benefits of Vulkan over OpenGL on Radeon graphics cards – for more information on the above features and the Vulkan version of DOOM, please visit:

· http://radeon.com/doom-vulkan

· https://bethesda.net/#en/events/game/doom-vulkan-support-now-live/2016/07/11/156

Game on!

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