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Doctor Who: Edge of Time Review (VR VIVE)

Doctor Who: Edge of Time Review (VR VIVE) Aden Carter

Summary: Allons-y, everyone! Through space and time, we go!


The Doc is in!

Greetings to all the “Whovians” out there. Welcome to Doctor Who: The Edge of Time, a game with puzzles galore and weeping angels to terrify you. This game is one of the many VR games I have tried, but one of my favorites as well (Even though I don’t know much about Doctor Who).


The gameplay is pretty standard to many VR games I have played. It offers lots of puzzles to test your brainpower and some dark themes to spook you. You start the game off in a laundromat where you first learn your goal. It is a glorifying sight as you escape after the Daleks’ ship appears. The game focuses on the ‘reality ‘virus and your involvement in stopping it. Aside from the puzzle-based gameplay, there are small jump scares and dark environments that offer a great in-depth experience. On top of that, there is even shooter-style gameplay for the person in everyone who has ever wished to fire a laser gun. The movement of the game feels good. It offers both the standard teleporting style of movement and also free-range movement where you can walk around using the controller as well. For me, the free-range movement felt a little slow at times and the teleporting movement glitched on occasion and wouldn’t work. Even though the game felt slow at times there are moments that truly captivate you and keep you on your toes. I will suggest to the team who created the game that they quicken the mission involving the weeping angels because it dragged on a little long in my opinion. Nevertheless, whether you are going through a dark and spooky forest or a manor in London, the game offers great gameplay that feels natural if you are a frequent VR player like myself.


As far as VR games go, I say the graphics are pretty standard and at some points absolutely fantastic. Going through the start of the game, the dark lighting and effects play off very well in the small controlled environment. At first there were just bits and pieces out of place such as shadows being misshapen with jagged edges on picture frames and objects glitching through one another, but that is okay for VR and often doesn’t become a bother if the little things don’t bother you. The only problem I noticed came about after the introduction. Imagine, if you will, that you are in a heavily wooded environment surrounded by rocks, trees, and a deadly creature stalking you in the night. Now imagine if half the rocks looked like they didn’t have fully realized textures. That sums up a good portion of the game that I witnessed. While still not terrible, it does give off a slightly lazy appearance to me when some of the larger objects don’t appear fully textured. For that, I do dock them some points. The audio is very well crafted though. Each area feels like you are immersed with how well the audio effects pull you in. Whether being stalked in the night or solving a puzzle in a home in England, the audio feels fantastic and it’s easy to tell the creators had paid great attention to it.


The game in a whole is great for any seasoned VR gamer and new VR gamers as well. I gave my wife a spin at the game and even though she doesn’t game much, she had a blast with it. The creators really did a good job in the creation of this game and even though I am not up to date with everything involving Doctor Who, I think it is a good tribute to the growing audience the series has.

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