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Summary: This discovery is wrong, but more lies beneath the surface of the mystery.


Fears of Strange

Mysticism awaits, but nothing is as it truly seems as fears and nightmares reveal truths.

In Doctor Strange #2, Clea and Stephen Strange are summoned by Moon Knight in need of some assistance. As this task far exceeds Moon Knight’s expertise, Doctor Strange proves to be the professional to handle the burden. Stephen Strange does not share a shred of sentimental value with Moon Knight, but Clea insists that this is worth the investigation. The root of the cause centers around a child who appears not to be able to wake from her sleep. Setting aside his approval of Moon Knight, Stephen overlooks that trivial matter for the sake of the child’s bizarre nature. Leaping into action, Stephen prepares to embark on a journey into the realm of Nightmare through the child’s mind. Clea accompanies Stephen, but she seems to have a peculiar displeasure with her own thoughts and feelings. Her need for distraction puts a strain on her soul. When they find themselves within the realm, the discovery is shrouded in more mystery and the supposed fate of Nightmare himself. They come face to face with their fears, but who pretends to be truthful with the other hangs in the question.

MacKay (Moon Knight, Magic: The Gathering, Iron Man) continues to write a new beginning for Doctor Strange #2 in a unique way that differs from other stories. The inclusion of Clea instead of getting rid of her comes off as a good call to keep her close at hand. While Clea may not be the most rational of the two, their dynamics complement each other thoroughly. Even with her days as the Sorcerer Supreme, she has a lot to learn, and who is better than the Sorcerer Supreme of Earth? Uniquely, this comic book issue isn’t told from the narrative of Stephen this time as it did previously in the first issue. While we as readers follow the story, MacKay graciously gives us an insight into what Clea is feeling. Her thoughts and emotions spilling out through narration contribute to a softer side of Clea yet to be tapped into. We get a glimpse of her fear building up and the actions she may have taken catching up to her.

Returning to illustrate and vividly embellish the interior work, Ferry (A+X, Champions, Doctor Mirage) and Hollingsworth (Dark X-Men, The Department of Truth, Green Lantern) put their prowess to work in this comic book. The colors meld and adeptly engage with Ferry’s pencils and inks. The artwork is easy on the eyes, adds depth, and dispenses satisfying composition. The interior does not outshine the writing but rather enhances it in the best way possible when there’s an adventure involving Stephen Strange. The comic book is left in capable hands by creators who know how to entice an audience to keep reading and they do it very well. Comparatively, Alex Ross (Hellions, The Mighty Thor, Red Sonja) demonstrates his talents as a cover artist. He understands the importance of not only foreshadowing but also the idea of what makes an awesome comic cover worth picking up. Ross always offers and delivers his very best on covers.

As Doctor Strange #2 proceeds to be an unraveling and unnerving turn of events, there is no reason not to pick up this one and the next issue to find out what’s next. It may be a pivotal turning point in Stephen’s life, but only what comes ahead could explain the fate the two Sorcerers may endure. Be sure to check this out at your local comic book store near you or shop online for available copies.

Comic Details

Writer: Jed MacKay

Artist: Pasqual Ferry

Colorist: Matt Hollingsworth

Letterer: VC’s Cory Petit

Cover Artist: Alex Cross

Editor: Darren Shan

Publisher: Marvel Entertainment

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