Published on September 22nd, 2023 | by Adrian Gunning

Do you dare to descend into hell? Hellsweeper VR Launches Today!

Hellsweeper VR, the highly anticipated action-combat virtual reality game from the creators of Sairento VR and published by Vertigo Games, is out now on Meta Quest 2, PlayStation VR 2, PICO and PC VR.

Check out the Launch Trailer:

A high-octane mission of destruction that takes players into the seething pits of the damned, Hellsweeper VR offers:

Intense Limitless Movement – A daring, no-holes-barred locomotion system that pushes the limits of even the bravest of VR players. Defy earthly physics with intense wall-running, power sliding, backflips, jumps, bullet time and more.

Master Your Combat Style – Summon, wield & master various weapons and magic combinations. Customise your playstyle by experimenting with various skill traits.

Cleave through an undead horde with a claymore; snipe down flying foes from a distance with an antique rifle; turn a foe into a pincushion by summoning a salvo of piercing ice shards or group enemies together with a gravitational vortex and more.

Faithful Hellhound Companion – Amid the ceaseless chaos, find solace in the silent loyalty of your hellhound, a faithful companion on your nightmarish journey. 

Survive in Various Game Modes – Fight through multiple missions and epic boss battles and reap the rewards behind every deathly risk in Roguelike Mode as a single player or in a team of two. In Challenge Mode, prove your mettle in fortnightly challenges and etch your name into the leaderboards. Or, define your own rules in the Training Room mode. 

Content-Rich Experience with High Replayability – Conquer 18 maps, over 10 enemy types with elemental variants and multiple mission types, offering a unique gameplay experience with every run.

And for those who wish to destroy demons with an ally, the maw of hell opens ever wider: 

Rogue-like mode – Fight rounds with various objectives, to end on a final boss fight. Get rewarded with loot and progress your upgrade your character, weapons or Hellhound. 

Cross Play Support – Thanks to the cross play support it’s as easy as ever to play with your friends. No matter which VR platform they are using.

As you delve into the realm of the deceased, consider our special Digital Deluxe edition of HellSweeper VR, loaded with exclusive extras. Revel in a deeper dive into the grim universe of the game with a digital art book, find solace in your mystic hound companion as you tread through this terrifying journey, and enhance your experience with a chilling soundtrack that perfectly complements your eerie adventure. To discover more, follow these links: Steam VR, PS VR 2 and Meta Quest.

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