Published on August 28th, 2020 | by Adrian Gunning

Discover the powers of the OSF in this new Trailer for SCARLET NEXUS!

In SCARLET NEXUS, the new action RPG developed by BANDAI NAMCO Studios, players will embody Yuito Sumeragi and explore the 90’s neopunk inspired streets of New Himuka.

In this world, mysterious creatures called “Others” ascend from the skies to feed on human brains. To counter this threat, the “Others Suppression Force”, or OSF, was built up with the most powerful combatants. Yuito is one of them, armed with a sharpened katana combined with outstanding psychokinetic abilities.

To overcome these fearsome monsters, your team members will be able to lend you unique special powers through the “Struggle Arms System” (SAS) that bonds teammates’ brains and abilities together.

Hanabi is a cheerful, energetic recruit and a childhood friend of Yuito. After a long period apart, they finally meet again now both members of the OSF. She developed a blazing mastery of pyrokinesis, using the fire element to eliminate the threats she encounters. With the SAS system, Yuito can borrow this special power from her and set the enemies ablaze!

With new characters being revealed, more stunning special powers will become available to experiment…

SCARLET NEXUS will be available for the Xbox Series X, Xbox One, PlayStation®5, PlayStation®4, and PC Digital.

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