Published on April 24th, 2019 | by Admin

Discounts in Red Dead Online Beta: 25% Off Weapons at Fences Plus 25% off Saddles and Horse Care Items

A network of dealers in illicit arms and supplies with outposts all across frontier America, Fences are the place to buy and sell all manner of goods, from hunting baits to crafting pamphlets all the way to brutal, harder-to-find weapons like the Tomahawk or the Machete. Sidle up to your local Fence in the Red Dead Online Beta this week for a special 25% discount on all their available weapons. And to grease the wheels even further, Fences have lifted Rank requirements on weapon inventory.

This week’s also the perfect time to make sure your Horse Tack is attached, with 25% off all Saddles and Horse Care items at Stables or via the Wheeler, Rawson and Co Catalogue.

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