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Dinos Alive An Immersive Experience Review (Melbourne)

Dinos Alive An Immersive Experience Review (Melbourne) Adrian Gunning

Summary: Steph back in time with Dinos Alive An Immersive Experience now showing in Melbourne Australia


Dino time!

Step back in time to the Jurassic Period (201 – 140 million years ago) at 62 Dawson Street Brunswick Victoria with Dinos Alive An Immersive Experience that boasts over 80 life-sized animated dinosaurs which will draw you from the very first moment you walk through the doors. Having rubbed shoulders before with “other” animatronic dinosaurs before, this current exhibition is indeed the premier experience for dinosaur fans of all ages.

As you explore Dinos Alive, the most noticeable element of this experience is how large some of these dinosaurs were which really puts some perspective between us tiny humans and these Jurassic giants. Further supporting your visit is the atmosphere from the darkness to its clever the lighting – it is indeed like walking through an interactive time machine.

If these dinosaurs were just standing still, it would be impressive, however with the animatronics, they blur the boundary of realism with my partner almost being hit in the head with the tale of a Diplodocus as she was taking photos of other creatures. As you may have guessed, there are plenty of photo opportunities and I did tell her to watch out.

With over 80 life-size animated dinosaurs, it’s really hard to choose a favourite, however all the classics are there, such as the Tyrannosaurus Rex to a pack of Velociraptors, including the Stegosaurus and the crested Parasaurolophus plus the alpha of the skies, the pterodactyl which are some of the stars. Besides the movement of these dinosaurs, you will also hear the sounds of these ancient creatures that just makes the experience even more engaging.

Near the end of this exhibition is an area that kids will thoroughly enjoy that includes slides, dino riding, colouring in, fossil hunting and a VR experience that adds another layer of realism. Further, if you want to know more about these dinosaurs, each display has a plaque that gives you a great snapshot into their history.

Midway through Dinos Alive An Immersive Experience is a virtual and massive aquarium that brings you face to face with these ancient creatures of the seas. Just be careful because one of plesiosaurs wants to break the aquarium glass and feed on humans. All in all, everything comes together quite flawlessly with this exhibition that aims high and delivers.

Final thoughts?

If you live in Melbourne and its surrounding, then Dinos Alive An Immersive Experience is a must visit destination, especially if you are a budding palaeontologist or time explorer.

Highly Recommended and dinosaurs galore!

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