Published on January 29th, 2020 | by Tim Chuma

DIAL H FOR HERO #11 (2020) Review

DIAL H FOR HERO #11 (2020) Review Tim Chuma

Summary: Only Summer and Miguel can stop a plan to turn everyone in the universe int superheros. Yes, you heard that right, supposedly that is a bad thing...


Super eh?

A plot to turn everyone in the universe into superheros with the aid of a mystical rotary telephone has almost come to pass, only Miguel and Summer can stop it.

Quite an oddball story this one as it is almost at the end of the series so you are missing a lot of it and have to just go with things in play as they are.

For some reason there are several jumps in art style starting off with an indie comic, jumping to an old school comic with four colour printing (including deliberate printing errors) and yellowed pages and then going back to a more modern looking story. I have no idea of the significance of these jumps or why the story is told like this.

I did not really recognise any of the characters but they have broad types that are based on more established characters.

I am not really sure who this story is for in terms of audience and so can’t really recommend this one unless you are already following the story.

If it was released as a trade paperback and you wanted something different I would consider it.

Comic details:

Written by: Sam Humphries

Art/Cover Art: Joe Quinones

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Writer, photographer, artist and music fan from Melbourne, Australia.

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