Published on January 11th, 2019 | by Admin

Diablo III Loot Goblin amiibo Available Now in Australia

There’s one ironclad rule in Sanctuary: where there are Treasure Goblins, there is surely treasure to be found! 

Diablo III: Eternal Collection for Nintendo Switch owners are now able to summon their own portal to untold riches on a whim with the exclusive Loot Goblin amiibo, available now in Australia.

Once per day, scanning your Loot Goblin amiibo will summon a Rainbow Portal to The Vault – the realm of the enigmatic and mischievous Treasure Goblins. Filled with gems, gold, and treasures beyond your wildest dreams, you’ll be able take on the Baroness of the Treasure Realm herself, Greed, and, should you succeed, the infinite wealth of her domain will be yours.

Scanning any other amiibo can only be done outside of town and will spawn a Champion pack of enemies—a challenging group of monsters with special powers and improved treasure.

The Treasure Goblin amiibo is an EB Games Australia exclusive, so visit your local retailer or head on over to the EB Games website to purchase yours!

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