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Detective Comics #996 Review

Detective Comics #996 Review Jeremy Carr

Summary: The Countdown to Issue #1000 continues with Batman on the hunt for a madman who knows his secret identity.



The countdown to Detective Comics #1000 continues and, with writer Peter J. Tomasi at the helm, it’s turning out to be a rather fun ride to this Milestone Event. The previous issue left the reader in suspense as the final page had the Dark Knight ready to dish out a little pain to the resident of Arkham Asylum, so now with Issue #996 we get to pick up where that story left off. This issue will be available for physical or digital purchase fromJanuary 16th, 2019.

As I already stated, this issue picks right up from the last, with Batman on the hunt for the person responsible for the attack on Dr. Leslie Tompkins, which led to her death, and Alfred Pennyworth, which left him gravely wounded. So with all the chaos this unknown menace has caused, it’s understandable that Batman has become a little unhinged as he searches for answers at Arkham with his fists. After turning up nothing in Arkham, he returns to the Batcave where Damien has taken over care for Alfred in the meantime. I’m not a huge Damien fan, but honestly this part of the story with Bruce and his son actually felt genuine. Seeing the two of them put their heads together to figure out Bruce’s next move worked well for the story and made Damien actually bearable. Ten points to Tomasi for that feat.

With a new lead to follow, Batman makes his way through France and North Korea, tracking down one of the few people that know that Bruce Wayne is Batman. To save spoilers, I will not name who it is that Batman is tracking but, the story really does pick up from this point. The creature that attacked Dr. Tompkins makes an appearance and things really heat up. This story was not only fun and action packed, but it really took a moment to show a good side between Damien and Bruce that I personally enjoyed.

It wasn’t just the story in this issue that made it remarkable but also the art: this team of artists really brought this story to life with the action sequences. I absolutely enjoyed this issue and look forward to what Tomasi and the team have lined up next for us as we continue the countdown to issue #1000. This is easily a 5 star issue and I encourage everyone to pick it up. If you are not caught up on the what’s happening so far, go back and grab the others. You’ll want to enjoy this full story.

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