Published on July 11th, 2018 | by Jeremy Carr

Detective Comics #984 Review

Detective Comics #984 Review Jeremy Carr

Summary: Karma has come to Gotham City



Karma has come to Gotham City with only one goal, to prove to Batman that his family makes him weaker. Some of these points I do agree with, mostly because I feel like they always do differently than what they are told and think they are better than what Batman sees them as. This often makes the Bat-Family arrogant and honestly, it drives me nuts. So Batman’s plan to bring this group together is to bring Black Lighting into the mix and make them work as a unit. This is an interesting concept and it has made for a really good read these last two issues.

The story starts years ago, in Markova, with our antagonist for this story arc purchasing a mask that can let the wearer read minds. He claims the reason he wants the mask is to bring justice to the world. I mean let’s be real though, he bought that mask so he could dish out some pain onto the Bat-Family and, I won’t lie, I get some enjoyment out of watch them get slapped around. Anyways, back in the present, in Gotham City, Karma is taking on his next target, Cassandra Cain.

The action in this issue is absolutely amazing and incredible to look at. The pages just seemed to fly letting the art speak more than the words. I prefer this kind of writing when I am reading comic books; sometimes they get a little drawn out with all the talking. It was nice to see a Batman comic that focuses on Batman doing his thing rather than the last few issues of Tom King’s Batman, where it has just been blah blah blah.

As Cassandra is getting owned by Karma, Black Lighting and Batman drop in to save the day, though the results were not exactly what they had in mind. After this point in the issue, Brian Hill uses the rest of the issue to move the story along to set up things for the next issue. I love the story he is telling in this story arc and feels like a good old Batman story, which is something I feel like Batman has been missing for a while. This issue was just fun to read and the art team was working on all cylinders and made another beautiful issue. They were able to really make the story flourish, giving this issue an amazing feel, keeping the reader on the edge of their seats while being swept away in the action.

I’m really looking forward to seeing what else Hill and company can bring to the table because this Detective Comics issue was just incredible. I’m giving this issue 5 stars and, honestly, if I could have given it 6 I would have. When you put a writer like Hill with an amazing art team, great things happen.

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