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Deliver Us Mars PS5 Review

Deliver Us Mars PS5 Review Tory Favro



Deliver Us Mars is the direct sequel from the well received game, Deliver Us the Moon. In this title, you play the role of Kathy Johanson who is the daughter of Isaac Johanson. What follows is a game where you will attempt to travel to Mars as Kathy in order to bring your father back and also make sure ships known as ARKS are safe and intact.

Whilst the game does its best to give us this experience, unfortunately  it does not fully deliver on the promise it could have provided. There are issues throughout; and whilst there is a very small team behind this game, I do feel that not enough time was taken with testing. To be honest some of the graphical things in the game are quite simply poorly done, and not worthy of a next generation release. 

Controlling Kathy is not a smooth experience and added to my frustration with the game whilst doing chores or tasks set for you; you are constantly frustrated by pop up including signs on walls that will unexpectedly popup right in your face! Considering the lack of detail in the graphics this is inexcusable regardless of the size of the team. Also, I had already experienced the far better game in Deliver us the Moon.

Audio however is good as is the voice acting. The story is compelling and well explained. The soundscape is rich, except for one circumstance earlier on in the game when you are getting ready to leave her which has been ravaged by climate change, and you were making your way to your spaceship another angry crowd in the way. they sound contrived and fake and really take away from any sense of immersion that you were going to get .

The title doesn’t tell you a lot about how to actually control the game, which is frustrating and led to me failing several objectives numerous times because I simply could not figure out what I was meant to be doing, or where to go. There is a waypoint system which is fine from getting from one place to the other, but for the most part doesn’t really add much to your experience.

Things clip in and out of each other which also makes any real immersion impossible and frustration more than probable.

To be honest this is a game that is barely above average and one that I really had trouble highly recommending. There are a lot of other independent games out there that have had a lot more effort put into them, and this really shows from the simplicity of the graphics through to the horrendous quality control. Having said that, I really do hope that the developers patch and fix and don’t just give up on the title, however for most early adopters this will not be a game that they go back to see if it has been fixed.

Final Thoughts?

Deliver us Mars is a highly ambitious game but simply does not provide a payoff. I would only recommend playing it if you feel sentimental towards its predecessor, and even then I think currently only frustration will be waiting for you. You might say having read this that I should not have given the game the score I did, however I can see what they wanted to do with it, but also I can see what they failed to.

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