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DEEP SKY IMAX REVIEW (Deep Sky: Webb Telescope) … I was blind and now I see @IMAX_Melbourne

DEEP SKY IMAX REVIEW (Deep Sky: Webb Telescope) … I was blind and now I see @IMAX_Melbourne Andrew Bistak

Summary: The Deep Sky: Webb Telescope documentary is a beautifully made documentary about the final frontier!


The final froniter

Currently playing at IMAX Melbourne, Deep Sky is a truly amazing documentary on the astronomical marvel, the James Webb Telescope (JWT) that was created by some of the world’s greatest minds. This beautifully presented documentary takes the viewer on the creation of the JWT, including the dangers it faced during its launch to space and its 1 million mile journey to reach L2 which is its final orbit around the second Sun-Earth Lagrange point.

It succeeded and some of the images that were sent back to Earth are nothing short of stunning and emotional given that these celestial creations in the distant reaches of the universes have always been there but we did not have the technology to know that they existed. NASA Astrophysicist Dr. Amber Straughn sums up this hidden information perfectly with … I was blind and now I see who does become emotional at reminiscing with some of the first images sent back from the JWT.

We also discover that the telescope has the capabilities of going back in time to the theoretical big bang where we see dying stars and galaxies but more importantly, we also see areas in the universe that are considering birthing grounds for new stars – definitely a wow moment! Seeing the JWT images of the Cosmic Cliffs, Stephan’s Quintet or the Southern Ring Nebula is nothing short of spectacular. Further, this technology is also capable of discovering planets and more importantly, Earth-like planets with water, potentially two ingredients for life.

With a mixture of archival footage, CGI, interviews from scientists plus the stunning images from the JWT, seeing this on the giant IMAX screen is like being in space and really enhances this documentary experience that like Dr. Amber Straughn, the content really tugs on your emotional heartstrings. Further, the scientists interviewed in Deep Sky explain in Layman’s terms the context and images which makes it very relatable but more importantly their passion for space, their profession is very infectious and really makes you envy these individuals who have found their dream jobs and are sharing these discoveries with the rest of the world.

Final thoughts?

Deep Sky: Webb Telescope is created by Oscar nominated filmmaker Nathaniel Kahn with narration by Oscar nominated actress Michelle Williams who both should be commended in making this documentary truly immersive and if you see one documentary this year, Deep Sky is that documentary.


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