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Deathbed #1 Review

Deathbed #1 Review Andrew Bistak

Summary: Deathbed #1 is an interesting and strange start to a bigger mystery


An interesting start

Writer Joshua Williamson and artist Riley Rossmo brings us an original and unusual story about Antonio Luna who has been described as myth, hack, sex symbol and stark raving lunatic who vanished 20-years ago. However with this 91-year old returning to the public eye and on his reported deathbed, reporter and failed writer Valentine Richards is sent to his remote mansion to garner the truth before he dies.

The issue begins with the ‘birth’ of Antonio as his father proudly states that he will be the greatest man to ever live or to die trying to live up to his father’s expectations. We also get the ‘origin’ of Valentine Richards (aka Val) who seems to have a similar drive as Antonio and from a very early age, she was destined to become a great writer… or so she thought. However fate has given her a different path that in the present, this broken writer is given the chance to tell the story about Luna… but Val would rather finish her first novel… until money is offered.

So as Val enters the mansion of Luna, things are not what they seem as this man of mystery wants to confess his sins to our broken writer. So while the two build a rapport, more so fromLuna, the reader is also introduced to a world of the supernatural thanks to a carefully cued lightning strike with these creatures living in the shadows. Needless to say, our frail and palliative man is something else as this seemingly crippled hero easily dispatches these supernatural creatures that stalk him. This also freaks out Val…

While Luna attempts to persuade Val to join him on his last great adventure, the world around them literally falls apart and although she declines initially, this writer defiantly accepts his offer in order to learn the truth abut this myth, hack, sex symbol and stark raving lunatic. Wow… what a way to commence an issue and Joshua Williamson successfully creates a compelling story, including larger than life characters and a mystery that may very well bigger than that of where Atlantis is.

Complementing the crazy story, whacky dialogue and over the top moments, artist Riley Rossmo really brings it all together and his style creates an explosive, almost blockbuster comic experience. All in all, it’s a great way to start and for one cannot wait to see where Deathbed unfolds.



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