Published on June 19th, 2017 | by Chris O'Connor

Dark Knight III Master Race #9 Comic Review

Dark Knight III Master Race #9 Comic Review Chris O'Connor

Summary: When faced with oblivion... the courageous will stand defiant.


Batman returned

Batman is the hero we need… but sometimes the force that stands ready to destroy the world is more than Batman alone can handle. In times like these it’s good to know some strong people and those people aren’t afraid to stand their ground with Batman and whether they win or lose… they will at least know they did so with their heads held high.


Batman’s internal monologue amidst the chaos all around is an interesting thread of thought… almost like a diary entry, covering the main notes of the event as they occurred. Through those notes we see that great intellect figure out the best ways to combat overwhelming odds, sometimes it’s not brute strength that will see you through to the other side of the battle… it’s brains. Couple this with his discovery that Superman isn’t quite as incapable as he may have seemed and the realisation of this is a revelation and a learning experience all in one. To end the storyline the way you would imagine they all should… the world narrowly avoids destruction, Superman disappears and Batman returns to what he does best… keep an eye over Gotham and beyond… ever vigilant, ready for the next challenge Earth will face.


I’m a bit unsure of the artwork in this comic. Some panels are absolutely lovely with great details, wonderful tones and texture. Then there are some panels that look like someone just grabbed Microsoft Paint and threw some lines together… that is a bit harsh but there are certainly some panels that lack the polish that others have and I don’t know why that is. Perhaps a drawback of the digital art style is that it’s easier to forget that you left something to come back and add detail to or to change around. I’m probably just being too harsh… it’s not like I can do anywhere near as good as these images and the ones that work, work really well… Superman firing up and laying into the enemy is quite a kinetic and aggressive series of frames that really gives you a feel for his state of being at that time.

Final Thoughts

Overall it’s a worthy end point. You may well literally breathe a sigh of relief when you finish it… there are some pretty intense moments and there is a lot at stake. It’s good to have Batman back to his old (new) self… back where he belongs ready to fight crime at a moments notice.

Publisher: DC Comics
Writer: Brian Azzarello, Frank Miller
Artist: Andy Kubert, Frank Miller, Klaus Janson
Cover Artist: Frank Miller, Mikel Janin, Andy Kubert
Genre: Superhero
Format: 32pgs, FC
Release Date: 7th June, 2017

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