Published on March 26th, 2022 | by Andrew Bistak


Carlos Perez Valderrama and Miguel Valderrama continue their hit, modern-day kaiju story in Giants Volume 2: Ghosts of Winter! Combining stunning, evocative art with a story that breathes new life into the post-apocalypse genre this next installment is equal parts action and heart.

After the loss of their leader—and father figure—the apocalyptic found family The Forsaken are divided on what to do next. As they attempt to build a new place to call home, their efforts are quickly cut short when a fight among monsters forces them to move farther beyond the limits of the unknown—and with the way back blocked—they’re faced with more change as they encounter a group of monster hunters. When they learn that killing monsters has unintended consequences, tensions rise, loyalties are tested, and new beasts enter the fray! In a world ruled by giant monsters, with hope lost in memories of the past, the choice to run, hide, or fight becomes more than a question of survival.

The Giants Volume 2: Ghosts of Winter paperback will be available at comic stores August 24, 2022 and in bookstores September 6, 2022. It is available for pre-order on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and at your local comic shop and bookstore. Giants Volume 2: Ghosts of Winter will retail for $19.99.

Praise for Giants Volume 1: 

“This is a story with big ambitions made by two fiercely talented creators”—Multiversity Comics

“The characters are interesting, the world is engrossing, and the art is fantastic.”—Bleeding Cool 

“This series is definitely worth a look for the curious.”—IGN

“This first American work from the Valderrama Bros. feels special. The year is coming to a close, but Giants may sneak in under the wire as one of the great launches of 2017.”—Paste Magazine

“I seriously went through this issue 8 times trying to find something I didn’t like and couldn’t find it. Its just a solid issue that gave me more than I was expecting. Out of 5 stars, I give it a 5.”—Geekery Magazine

“The art is really lovely, the colors are crisp, and it’s a beautiful book to look at.  They do a great job, when needed, of stopping the action to focus on the emotions of their characters’ faces. The adventure elements are super fun, Gogi and Zedo are great characters, and young adults especially will love this first issue.”—Fanbase Press 

“The story has potential to be great, and I look forward to seeing what the talented Valderrama brothers bring to the table in this new comic series. The premise is one that has been seen many times, but with an exciting new twist.”— Shoot The Breeze Comics

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