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Fans of the supernatural saga of The Magic Order, based on the upcoming Netflix series created by Mark Millar, know that the powerful families of The Order demand the best. From powerhouse storyteller Mark Millar (Civil War, Kingsman), artists Oliver Coipel and Stuart Immonen, and colorists Dave Stewart, Sunny Gho and David Curiel, Dark Horse Comics presents the continuation of Millar’s adult dark fantasy series in a beautiful new volume The Magic Order: Library Edition.

“It’s always exciting to see one of your books on a shelf,” says Millar. “But The Magic Order being collected into one of these beautiful library editions has me so excited I’ve already cleared a space on my shelf in anticipation. I created this in my day job as a franchise within Netflix for live-action, but the visual scope of this series was so exciting that I talked the team into making this a comic-book too and was lucky to get the two best artists of their generation to draw the first two volumes. This series is my own personal favourite work in a thirty year career so to have it collected into something this grand is something I’m looking forward to more than any of you.”

In The Magic Order, the fates of the world and of magic are tied to five families, located across the globe, who have been bestowed with a secret power in order to protect our existence from dangerous supernatural and magical threats.

They are the reason you’ve never seen a ghost. By day, members of The Order live among us as friends, neighbors and co-workers. By night they are sorcerers, magicians, and wizards that keep us safe from dark forces and supernatural terrors. In this beautiful hardcover, the original two arcs are collected for the first time, introducing readers to the supernatural world The Magic Order as told by the incredible artwork of Oliver Coipel in series one, and Stuart Immonen in series two. Combined the book provides an elegant entrance to the fantastic setting Millar has constructed.

Enhance your collection with the enchanting The Magic Order: Library Edition Volume 1, which collects volumes 1 and 2 in oversized (8″ x 12.875″) hardcover, in book stores on January 14, 2025 and comic shops January 15, 2025. Pre-order at your local comic shopbookstoreTFAWAmazon, or Barnes and Noble for $59.99.

If you haven’t caught up on the thrilling series, Dark Horse Comics previously announced The Magic Order Volume 1 and Volume 2, available for pre-order wherever comics are sold.

Now readers can pre-order The Magic Order Volume 3 and The Magic Order Volume 4 and remain current by ordering the six-issue series of Volume 5 as soon as it goes on sale.

The Magic Order Volume 3 collects issues #1-6 in paperback. Written by Mark Millar with artists Gigi Cavenago and Valentina Napolitano, this volume will be available for $19.99 in bookstores October 8, 2024 and comic shops October 9, 2024. Pre-order from your local comic shopbookstoreTFAWAmazon, or Barnes and Noble today.

The Magic Order Volume 4 collects issues #1-6 in paperback. Written by Mark Millar with artists Dike Ruan and Giovanna Niro, this volume will be available for $19.99 in bookstores December 10, 2024 and comic shops December 11, 2024. Pre-order from your local comic shopbookstoreTFAWAmazon, or Barnes and Noble today.

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