Published on April 17th, 2024 | by Adrian Gunning


BY A THREAD, collects issues 1-4 of the digitally released Comixology Originals series [136 pages / color / on sale December 17, 2024 bookstores / December 18, 2024 comic shops / $22.99 / $29.99 pbk / ISBN: 9781506742618].

Co-Written by Scott Snyder and Jack Snyder

Art by Valeria Favoccia

Superstar comic book writer Scott Snyder and his son, Jack Snyder have collaborated on their first-ever comic book series, By A Thread, a post-apocalyptic adventure for the ages. By A Thread features incredible art by rising star Valeria Favoccia (Stranger Things, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Beatrix Rose) and colors by Whitney Cogar, with lettering by Tom Napolitano, and designs by Emma Price.

In By a Thread, ten years ago a deadly and mysterious infection spread across the Earth’s terrain, forcing humankind to live in communities precipitously built above the ground.

Growing up on Needle Three, Jo barely remembers a time before darkness enveloped the world. But when our hero’s community comes under attack by the despotic Charon and his forces, Jo and his friends must decide whether or not to venture across the wasteland in search of a safe haven as the world hangs by a thread.

By A Thread is available to read digitally from Comixology Originals.

The print edition is now available to preorder at Amazon, Barnes & Noble,, and your local comic shop and indie bookstore.

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Adrian lives in Melbourne Australia and has a huge passion for gaming, technology and pop culture. He recently finished his a Bachelor of Journalism and is currently focusing on games journalism. When not writing and playing video games, Adrian can be found in Comics 'R' Us debating the pros of the DC Universe and cons of the Marvel Universe.

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