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DamienSaber Review

The Star Wars Universe is wildly popular worldwide. The books, comics, movies and T.V series and Anime tell tales of good vs evil. Stories of the human condition that conjure up feeling of adventure to so many even to this day. No symbol from the Star Wars mythos conjures up more awe and inspiration than the Jedi and Sith’s weapon, the Light Saber.

There are different markets out there that offer different saber experiences for your dueling and cosplay and good old nerd fan needs. I would say for those also making fan films, Damien Sabers is a good choice for props and even action fight choreography.

Not as clumsy or random as a blaster. An elegant weapon for a more civilized age.

With so many on the market I really was not sure about checking out yet another one. I am very glad I did though.

The Saber build sent over from Damiensaber is surprisingly an impressive build. Packed with more features than just your average saber out there. At the end of this article is a link to the exact model, which is also a surprisingly good price for the number of options you get with this thing!

I was particularly glad to see that charging the saber up was a simple task. No removing anything to get at any batteries to change. Nope, just plugging the USB cable in, and off it goes charging. Simple. Awesome.

The one I have from Damiensaber has an impressive 12 Sound Fonts, Xenopixel. The blade is spectacularly bright, and has several different color changes you can choose from. So, you are not stuck with just one color! One of my absolute favorite features is you can have a stable blade or an unstable blade. The unstable is my favorite as it pulses and crackles with energy.

There is a flash on clash, and also the sound of deflecting a blaster bolt. These light sabers really bring the Legends to life in your hands.

Damien Saber comes with instructions on the products use and you really do need it, since the soundboard and light effects do so much.

From holding the button for a certain number of blinks to access different features, to using a twist motion to access other features depending on the blade’s orientation. There are different sound fonts that are based over many of the Star Wars mythos. So, you may have the look and feel of a Jedi Hero or Sith all in one saber. You get used to the amounts of options there are in no time. Just don’t lose the instructions since you may want to refer back to them from time to time. There is an incredible premium number of options even in the lower costing sabers.

Damiensaber clearly cares about what they produce and offer. The designs and features show they are rather passionate about the Star Wars light Saber mythos.

This saber hilt feels really good in the hands with a hefty feel coupled with the sound effects as the saber hums with power is an ultimate experience for any Star Wars fan. For those clubs around the world that are either Jedi or Sith, and incorporate dueling, Damiensaber is a top-notch choice to have as part of your arsenal. How ever you are going to use it, on display with or without the blade, or as part of your costume or film prop. You cannot go wrong here.

Looking at the web site itself, there are so many different Saber designs and accessories. One would be hard pressed to not find something that will jump out at them.

If you are wanting to forge your own Star Wars Jedi or Sith legend with customizing your look and sound, look no further. Damien Sabers has got you covered.

Visit the web site now and see what kind of Star Wars legends you can forge for yourself.

Here is the link to the model I have in hand.

Metal Hilt Heavy Dueling Force FX Lightsabers Infinite Color Changing with 12 Sound Fonts Sensitive Smooth Swing_Damien Technology (Wuhan) Co., Ltd. (

Have fun, play games

And may the force be with you.

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