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DamienSaber Double Bladed Lightsaber Review

DamienSaber Double Bladed Lightsaber Review Adrian Gunning

Summary: DamienSaber Double Bladed Lightsaber is another excellent prop this company known for their Star Wars merchandise.


Force sensitive x 2

With Star Wars Acolytes coming out in June 2024, now is the time to “re-channel” your inner Sith or Jedi and wield a powerful double bladed lightsaber courtesy of DamienSaber. For the uninitiated acolytes, DamienSaber provide movie quality replicas of lightsaber hilts, including blades that is as close as us mere mortals will get to wielding one of these Jedi and Sith weapons that are not as clumsy or random as a blaster.

This is the weapon of a Jedi Knight. Not as clumsy or as random as a blaster, but an elegant weapon for a more civilized age
– Obi Wan Kenobi

The double bladed lightsaber was brought to prominence by Darth Maul in the live action films, including a brief glimpse of Dark Rey. Also made popular by the Sith were Savage Opress and Asajj Ventress with Jedi Master Pong Krell another formidable opponent of this dangerous weapon, not to mention the Jedi Temple Guard.

The force is strong with this one.
– Darth Vader

Although DamienSaber have a large range of single bladed lightsabers, the double bladed lightsabers as wielded by Darth Maul is a much more menacing weapon and there are plenty of choices on their website, including some very in-depth customisation options.


As a fun fact, a double bladed lightsaber is also known as a lightstaff, doublesaber and Sith lightsaber in the Star Wars universe and courtesy of Damiensaber we’re checking out their Custom Lightsaber Double Bladed Light Saber (XRGB 3.0, XENO 3.0) model with a RRP of $219USD or $340AUD (April 2024). Another highlight of this collectible from DamienSaber is that you actually get two sabers which really increases the scope of what you can do with this product, whether that’s cosplay, display or just having fun around the home.

Wielders of the Double Bladed Light Saber

This model is also available in a variety of different configurations that include black, silver, gold or a mixture of these two colours such as a black hilt and a gold hilt. The double bladed lightsaber from DamienSaber also comes as two single hilts with a connector at both ends in order to join them together.

Choose your colour


As you can see from the above images, there’s a handful of great configurations to choose from.

Our custom option of the double bladed lightsaber from DamienSaber consisted of two gold hilts which allows you to use the sabers separately or link them together to form the doublesaber. The polycarbonate blades from Damiensaber also come in three sizes that include 36″ (92cm), 32″ (82cm) and 28″ (72cm). We checked out the 36″ blades and when linked together, the double bladed lightsaber is huge! You can only imagine how powerful a doublesaber would be on the battlefield that would require a true Jedi Master or Sith Master!

Box Contents

  • 2 x Lightsaber hilts with kit & Rechargeable Battery
  • 2 x Polycarbonate Blades
  • 2 x Charging Cable
  • 2 x Accessories Bag
  • 2 x User Manual
  • 1 x VHC Pommel

Unboxing Photos

Additionally, the double bladed lightsaber comes well packed from DamienSaber with both the hilts and the blades covered in protective plastic. The first impression of these sabers is the gold hilt that really stands out from the traditional silver or black colours. It definitely channels those Old Republic aesthetics and I’m sure it would make Obi Wan Kenobi proud, especially when you activate the XRGB 3.0 or XENO 3.0 technology which adds colour, special effects and sound to your lightsaber(s).

Once you have removed the hilts and blades from their protective plastic, some assembly is required which is using the included Allen key(s) and screws to attach the blade inside the hilt. This is done by sliding the blade into the hilt and then inserting the screws and tightening them with the Allen key. Just don’t over tighten them as they are not the strongest screws and if they are too tight, they will cause undue pressure on the blade from the hilt.

To connect both sabers? There is a joiner that is required to connect both sabers together and by removing the pommel from the lightsabers, this screws onto both in order to join them together.

However once “built”, you are ready to ignite your lightsaber which is done by pushing the button on the hilt – prepare to be wowed!

The technology behind this Damiensaber is impressive as the blade supports a variety of different colours that pays homage to the Star Wars universe, including its realistic sound effects with each blade sounding different. When you push the multi-function button, the lightsaber will light up, including playing the ignition sound and of course, that unmistakable hum. As you move the lightsaber, the sound also changes, including some cool light effects that are dependent on your selection.

Further, the basic controls on the saber(s) itself work well, such as holding down the button for a few seconds that will change the colour effect and sound such as The Master, The Assassin, The Apprentice or The Princess to name a few of the effects built into the device. The changeover is done by holding the button down for a few seconds with the sword informing you with a cool Star Wars sound voice on what font effect is selected.

Obviously for copyright reasons, DamienSaber cannot use the official names but with The Master or The apprentice, fans will know immediately who they reference. Further, the button can change the volume levels, effects (e.g. unstable lightsaber) which works well for changing on the fly. Just be aware that where the button is located (centre of the hilt), it is easy to accidentally push it while you are dueling.


Apart from direct controls on the saber(s), you can download the XenoApp which does give you more control over the devices itself which does make it easier.

Your master, Qui-Gon Jinn. I gutted him while you stood helpless and watched. How did that make you feel, Obi-Wan? Your rage has unbalanced you. That is not the Jedi way, is it?
– Darth Maul

To charge the lightsaber, you simply remove the bottom part of the hilt and use the included USB-C cable with Damiensaber recommending the first charge be 6 to 8 hours with sequential charges between 3 to 4 hours. The lightsaber also informs the user with a female Star Wars-droid-like voice that the blade is “charging” and when finished, it will inform you that it is ready. The lightsaber even informs you when it is powering down.

And the wielding? Again DamienSaber successfully replicate that true Star Wars experience, whether you are wielding the doublesaber or just two lightsabers, this company really channels that authentic experience from a galaxy far far away. With excellent lighting and sound effects, these blades cannot be faulted.

Final Thoughts?

This double sided lightsaber serves a dual purpose – firstly, it allows you to wield the deadly Sith doublesaber and secondly, it gives you two movie quality replicas that allow you to brandish two single lightsabers. Besides the excellent build quality, Damiensaber provided excellent value for money and whether you just to channel your inner Jedi or Sith when you’re feeling righteous or want to feel like a badass, have a cosplay weapon or actually duel with other self-made force sensitives, this doublesaber provides just that.


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