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D-Link launches two new Nuclias Connect-compatible Wi-Fi 6 Access Points

D-Link has launched two new Wi-Fi 6 Access Points, the DAP-X2850 and DAP-X2810, which integrate seamlessly with their DNH-100 Nuclias Connect Hub, the Managed Wireless Controller that comes pre-loaded with Nuclias Connect software and can support up to 100 Wi-Fi Access Points at each site it’s installed at.

Graeme Reardon, Managing Director, D-Link ANZ, said, “For small business owners, you simply want your Wi-Fi to work reliably, all the time, whether just for your staff, or for your customers as well, and Nuclias Connect has provided this capability for some time. Small business owners also want to focus on their business, not their network, and these two new fast and reliable Nuclias Connect-compatible Access Points help them to do just that with the very latest Wi-Fi 6 technology.”

Nuclias Connect is D-Link’s intuitive network management solution built for SMBs, retail chains, hospitality and education facilities seeking a flexible, cost-effective way to manage their networking infrastructure. It offers different levels of flexibility that suits the needs of any business as you can install Nuclias Connect software on a Windows or Linux computer or host it on a virtual server in the cloud which then allows support for up to 1,000 Access Points. You can also buy the optional DNH-100 Nuclias Connect Hub appliance which comes pre-loaded with this software built-in, for a simple, turnkey network management solution.

D-Link’s DAP Series of Nuclias Connect-enabled Wireless Access Points are used in conjunction with all the above management methods to provide the Nuclias Connect experience.

The new DAP-X2850 Wireless AX3600 Wi-Fi 6 4×4 Dual Band PoE Access Point is easy to manage with D-Link’s free Nuclias Connect software, or seamlessly via the DNH-100 Nuclias Connect appliance. It uses the latest Wi-Fi 6 technology and comes in a 4 x 4 MU-MIMO design with 3600Mbps combined throughput. The DAP-X2850 supports the latest WPA3™ Wi-Fi encryption standard, has two LAN ports (2.5Gbps and 1Gbps), Airtime Fairness and Band Steering technologies, a high power 28dBm design and is powered by IEEE 802.3at PoE.

The new DAP-X2810 Nuclias Connect AX1800 Wi-Fi 6 Access Point is also Wi-Fi 6 enabled, providing fast speeds up to 1800Mbps, increased capacity and interference-free coverage throughout businesses. You can mount the DAP-X2810 indoors on a wall or ceiling and again, and it’s also easy to manage with D-Link’s Nuclias Connect software or DNH-100 appliance. Wi-Fi 6 means the DAP-X2810 delivers greater network efficiency and lower latency, with nearly four times the capacity of previous Wi-Fi standards. It uses MU-MIMO to slice through congestion, reducing wait time for all users and also enjoys superior throughput with its dual-band Wi-Fi radio configuration.

The DAP-X2810 also utilises the latest WPA3 personal and enterprise wireless encryption and again its coverage is shared more efficiently over more users with Airtime Fairness, whilst Band Steering intelligently manages users, pushing them onto the higher radio frequency when possible. The DAP-X2810 also supports 802.3at PoE which means less wires for a cleaner and easier deployment.

The DNH-100 with Nuclias Connect is a compact yet powerful hardware controller for local and remote management of up to 100 Access Points. There are no subscription fees associated with Nuclias Connect and the interface is available in 11 international languages. Users can easily deploy the DNH-100 across single or multiple sites to experience the power and convenience of Nuclias Connect.

D-Link’s new Access Points can be managed through the Nuclias Connect App which gives you remote access so you can manage multiple local and remote DNH-100 devices as well as a dashboard where you can get detailed information about those devices and the network as a whole.

The Nuclias Connect App allows for multiple user authentications and also makes it possible to configure access controls for each SSID, giving admins the option of configuring separate internal networks for different subnets. Nuclias Connect also supports advanced value-added services such as a fully customisable Captive Portal and Wi-Fi Hotspot, which could be used to offer additional methods for your customers to join your network, such as at a café or carwash.

Availability and pricing

The new DAP-X2850 and DAP-X2810 access points, as well as the DNH-100 are available now from www.dlink.com.au, www.dlink.co.nz and from all authorised D-Link Partners and Resellers in both countries for the following RRP:


RRP AU$949.95

RRP NZ$1099.99


RRP AU$399.95

RRP NZ$449.99


RRP AU$349.95

RRP NZ$379.99

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