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D-Link DCS-2530L Review (Full HD 180-Degree Wi-Fi Camera)

D-Link DCS-2530L Review (Full HD 180-Degree Wi-Fi Camera) James Wright

Summary: D-Link DCS-2530L (Full HD 180-Degree Wi-Fi Camera) provides easy setup and excellent/portable security options.


Easy security!

D-Link have just released their latest Wi-Fi Camera, the DCS-2530L which not only provides 1080p video recording but also a 180 degrees wide angle lends with de-warping technology and night recording to name a few of the features. It’s perfect for users who want to monitor an entire room and more importantly, it offers notifications to your smartphone, including remote viewing. The only other piece of equipment you need is a smartphone and best of all, there’s no subscription fees either!

D-Link DCS-2630L Features

Straight of the box, the D-Link DCS-2530L boasts a professional build and its black colouring would not look out of place in any home or office. The DCS-2530L also has a stand which can be mounted to other objects or even the wall and ceiling for additional stability. The front of the camera has the IR LEDs, microphone, light sensor, 180 degrees camera lens and signal locator LED. On the back is the microSD card slot, WPS button, power/status LED, reset button and microUSB connector for the power. It’s quite an unassuming camera and you can even turn off the LED’s.

D-Link ensure the user has everything for their installation.


Installation of the DCS-2630L is a breeze and we chose to setup the camera via the mydlinklite app. You basically download the app, select a new product and then scan the QR code on the quick installation guide. This then takes you through the wizard which includes pushing the WPS button on your router and then holding down the WPS button on the DCS-2530L for 6 seconds.

Once done, it will pair the camera to your network and you’re ready to go. This app also allows you to access the device anywhere in the world and more importantly, it’s very easy to use and with a few taps, you can have live streaming.

The video quality of the DCS-2530L is quite impressive as it captures 1080p high definition video well that makes it easy for the owner to see what’s happening on the camera. You can also select a lower setting but we found the 1080p a must.

As mentioned, D-Link have incorporated de-warping technology which reduces the distortion from the lens. The 180-degree wide-angle lens of the device is very impressive and I was surprised at how much of the room it captured. Here’s an example of D-Link’s de-warping technology.

Furthermore, the night vision feature of the DCS-2630L supports a range of up to 5 metres with relatively clear images and video in the dark. Night vision is relatively good and the closer the subject is to the DCS-2630L, the clearer they will be.

Although videos can be stored remotely via e-mails, D-Link have included a MicroSD/SDXC should your network go down. The only thing missing is FTP server access but nonetheless, e-mail and local storage is more than ample.

Although the camera can monitor your entire room, you can setup certain areas that you want the motion alarm to monitor which allows you to choose the grids on your PC or via the app. For example, you might want to monitor just a doorway opposed to the entire room.

The microphone works well which makes the product serve as both a pet monitor and baby monitor. With that said, it’s quite a versatile product and given the portability of the DCS-2530L, there’s plenty of scope around your home and office which is really just plug and play once installed on your network. The Wi-Fi of the device worked in all areas of our house and whether I was accessing it from Sydney or Melbourne, it was very responsive via the mydlinklite app.

For those users that want to tweak the product even more, you can access it via its IP address which gives you a considerable amount of additional features, including setting up e-mail servers so images/videos are e-mailed or how they are stored on the SD card. This includes setting up a Dynamic DNS, motion detection/sound options and event setups. All in all, D-Link give the user everything they need with their security setup and if you do get stuck, they offer some excellent support options.

Final Thoughts?

The D-Link DCS-2530L (Full HD 180-Degree Wi-Fi Camera) is not only easy to setup but offers a wealth of features to the user. The quality of the camera is impressive in both day/night and I love the ability of adding notifications to your smartphone. So if you’re looking for a simple security solution with expert features, the D-Link DCS-2530L (Full HD 180-Degree Wi-Fi Camera) is that device.


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