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D-Link ANZ launches new AX1500 Smart Router for high-speed, flexible, mobile broadband

D-Link has launched the G415, an AX1500 4G Smart Router that allows you to use your mobile carrier’s SIM card to share your 3G and 4G mobile network access through a dedicated Wi-Fi 6 network or any of its three Gigabit ports. With its LTE CAT 4 support, you can also download at up to 150Mbps, enabling you to stream in 4K, make conference calls and surf the web seamlessly, without having a fixed broadband connection.

Designed with built-in EAGLE PRO AI capabilities and by using the clever EAGLE PRO AI App, the G415 analyses traffic and optimises the home network through its AI Engine and some very clever functionality.

Firstly, the AI Wi-Fi Optimiser continuously scans and monitors the network to keep users connected to the best Wi-Fi channel.

Then, the AI Mesh Optimiser is D-Link’s unique AI-enhanced Beamforming Technology that delivers more powerful, reliable Wi-Fi throughout the entire home.

The AI Traffic Optimiser automatically prioritises and allocates bandwidth to different applications and provides users with feedback of which devices are causing congestion.

The AI Assistant aggregates actionable information to keep users updated on the network quality, and AI Parental Control allows more customisation and flexibility for parents to manage their children’s online activities.

The EAGLE PRO AI App also features an embedded Speed Test for checking Internet speeds as well as support for Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant voice control.

The G415,being a 4G LTE AI-featured Router whose IEEE 802.11 AX standard helps the Router reach a maximum 1500Mbps data rate, gives users the ultimate in flexibility, being able to take the router with them and share their Internet connection via the Mobile network easily, virtually anywhere they need. Connecting to the Internet using a SIM card is extremely easy, by simply inserting an active SIM card into the Router’s SIM card slot, and then connecting your devices to it.

If you do have a fixed Broadband connection available, users can also share Wi-Fi via this connection too. You can set either Fixed or Mobile as the primary connection type and with Automatic Failover mode, one connection can be used to provide uninterrupted connectivity in the event that the other connection fails. The G415 also features an SPI firewall with stealth mode so that connected devices will be secure when you connect to the Internet.

The G415 brings all the benefits of Wi-Fi 6 including the expansion of the Wi-Fi band from 80MHz to 160MHz, doubling the channel width and creating a faster connection from the Router to your devices. It also features bi-directional MU-MIMO technology to handle more simultaneous users at faster data rates and OFDMA technology to serve more device connections at once to significantly reduce network latency.

The G415 also supports both Access Point (AP) mode and Mesh mode. When users select Mesh mode, they are able to connect other D-Link devices including the EAGLE PRO AI M15, E15, and R15 to provide a flexible, scalable Mesh network. A unique roaming mechanism will keep a solid connection between the Wi-Fi devices and client devices. There’s also network self-healing and an auto Mesh setup which are seamlessly managed by the G415’s AI Mesh Optimiser.

Enabling the G415’s AI based Wi-Fi optimiser helps to avoid interference from neighbouring Wi-Fi networks and maintains the best channel for optimal Wi-Fi performance. The Al Traffic Optimiser then prioritises traffic such as emails, file transferring, high quality video and voice calls, whilst the AI based QoS gives higher preference for 4K videos and voice calls, over emails and file transfers with the packet size used to determine the data priority.

The G415’s AI Parental Control allows parents to easily manage children’s online activity. Parents can create a Child profile and apply that to any device to block or give minimal Internet access to a specific user. With just a few taps parents can create profiles, add devices, and pause the Internet access on devices. Parents can also add a web filter and set a warning message for the blocked websites.

D-Link’s AI Assistant will also keep an eye on and then communicate all users’ activity through a weekly report that details Internet traffic and provides simple, recommended actions. Users can set a weekly schedule for delivery of the report and will get notified once it’s ready to view.

The G415 is always kept up to date with the latest firmware releases downloaded directly to the Router utilising the built-in Firmware Over-the-Air (FOTA) software. Alternatively, users may opt to get a notification through the app and then upgrade by a single touch or schedule the update for a more convenient time. FOTA increases security, enhances the G415’s features, reduces user burden as well as failed upgrades.

With user privacy of utmost importance when connected to the Internet, the G415 utilises the very latest WPA3 technology aligned with CNSA standards and features 192-bit encryption to ensure your connections are safe and protected from unauthorised access.The G415’s Target Wake Time (TWT) technology schedules connected devices to be awake or asleep during designated time periods, which not only saves device battery life, but also reduces network congestion.

Uniquely the G415 also has a Health Mode which enables users to schedule Wi-Fi transmission hours to reduce possible effects of electromagnetic radiation, schedule Wi-Fi access hours to maintain a balanced family lifestyle and turn off Wi-Fi entirely to conserve energy.

The G415 is part of the EAGLE PRO AI Series, a first of its kind Wi-Fi solution that empowers users to embrace the new stay-at-home culture and reimagine the home Wi-Fi experience. Whether for video conferencing, 4K streaming, or high-quality gaming, D-Link’s EAGLE PRO AI Series provides faster, more secure and more reliable connectivity.

Key features of the G415 Smart Router

  • 4G LTE CAT4 Connectivity at up to 150Mbps
  • Wi-Fi 6 (802.11AX) Support, up to 1500Mbps
  • 1x 10/100/1000 Gigabit Ethernet WAN Port with automatic failover
  • 3x 10/100/1000 Gigabit Ethernet LAN Ports
  • WPA/WPA2/WPA3 Support
  • Mesh with other Eagle Pro AI Devices
  • AI Wi-Fi Optimiser
  • AI Traffic Optimiser
  • AI Parental Controls
  • AI Assistant

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