Published on March 11th, 2016 | by admin

Cyber bunker: New James Bond film or “hacker hideout”?

You’ve likely seen the effect of ‘cyber bunkers’ through the phishing emails hitting your inbox and high-profile breaches permeating headlines. These underground forts aren’t the subject of the latest James Bond film, but one of the many ways cyber criminals are able to hide their tracks online.

Today, Norton by Symantec unveiled the second episode in its Most Dangerous Town on the Internet documentary series titled ‘Where Cybercrime Goes to Hide’. Directed by Academy Award-winning director Daniel Junge, this new film exposes hacker hideouts – the places and tools hackers use to launch their campaigns to steal consumers’ personal information.

You can watch the episode here – and please feel free to share the link on your channels.

Additionally, Norton’s threat researcher Liam O’Murchu, who was featured in the film, is available to discuss with you how hackers are hiding their tracks and what consumers can do to protect themselves, if you’re interested.

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