Published on September 2nd, 2017 | by Pat Condliffe

Curse Words #7

Curse Words #7 Pat Condliffe

Summary: A ripsnorter of an issue. Go buy some #GonzoMagicMadness!


#TeamMargaret OMG!

Curse Words #7 brings the second part of Explosiontown to readers. Is it good, hell yeah! Charles Soule and Ryan Browne hit their stride as Wizord unleashes more of his signature mayhem and ironic justice on a world that is not quite ready for him. Obviously the governments of Earth have grown tired of Wizord’s mayhem and summary justice, and here they attempt to dispatch him. Want a taste of what’s happening between the sheets with everyone’s favourite gonzo-hipster-wizard? Read on, reader. Read on.

Issue #7 begins with Agent Jacques Zacques holding Wizord at gun-point. It’s great to see Jacques becoming a staple in the series. HIs dedication and outright rage are highly entertaining – they provide an interesting mirror for Wizord to reflect on his own actions and behaviours. It is only fitting that Jacques gets a front row seat to this issues action. While Jacques and Wizord argue over the great moral questions of their time, Ruby trudges the streets of New York. MArgaret tries to help her come to terms with the changes that she is facing. Meanwhile, in Hole World Sizajee seeks a champion to take on Wizord. Caruso and Lady Violet face off in a wizard duel for the honours. So, how is it?

Issue #7 rattles along at a hell of a pace. Wizord’s storyline provides the action, Hole World the intermezzo, and Ruby and Margaret the pathos. It really is a good balance. Ruby Stitch and Wizord face parallel ethical issues as they try to acclimatise to their new home. Wizord tries to balance who he is, with his desire to be somebody new. Ruby, meanwhile, struggles to shed her skepticism about Wizord’s new identity or the nature of Earth and its people. The issue revolves around themes of choice and fate. Margaret seems to be the driving force of this – she’s the one most clued in to the opportunities Earth offers in contrast to Hole World.

Is it pretty? Yes! Ryan Browne keeps up the gonzo beauty we have come to expect. New York has far more colour than it has any real right to. Hole World, too, is beginning to demonstrate an ironic beauty that mirrors that of Earth. The gonzo colour makes it a beauty to behold and the action is crisp and clear. Margaret has a new look, and it suits her! Equal part sass and cuteness. Browne and Soule obviously have a desire to bring the Curse Words Van Down Under judging by Margaret’s clear affinity for a particular island nation.

For all its awesome, there is a missed opportunity to develop Caruso and Lady Violet. Their showdown is great, but seems a little rushed. In an issue about choice, I wanted to know more about the choices these ladies made. They are developing as clear foils to Ruby, but why? What’s the source of the beef between Lady Violet and Lady Caruso? Is it just a desire for opportunity and promotion? I guess I’ll need to keep reading to find out.


Curse Words has definitely maintained its mojo. The humour is black, brutal, and sharp and the colour is vivacious. But now it is starting to develop an interesting emotional core. I’m really keen to see how this develops and where Soule and Browne are going to take things. Time to count down the days to Explosiontown Part 3 and see what #TeamMargaret has in store for Wizord and Ruby.

4.5 Soft Leather Upholstered Luxury Office Chairs out of 5

Comic Details

Writer: Charles Soule
Artist: Ryan Browne
Publisher: Image
Comics Release Date: August 16, 2017
Cover Price: $3.99

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Is passionate for all things horror, western, and sci-fi. He's a fanatic for films, novels, and your creeping sense of existential dread. Raising a litter of Werewolves.

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