Published on September 29th, 2021 | by Adrian Gunning


Crysis Remastered is now available at Australian retailers for all the eager Nintendo Switch fans out there!

This version of the legendary first-person shooter, optimised from the original Crysis series, was previously launched on the Nintendo eShop last year, but players can now dive into the classic adventure without worrying about storage space. All physical versions of the game will include a bonus art card – and 20 lucky buyers will find a collectible version signed by the development team, which are being randomly placed in day one orders.

In Crysis Remastered, players take on the role of super-soldier Nomad, on a simple rescue mission that quickly turns into all-out war with alien invaders. Fight your way however you choose through sandbox levels filled with terrestrial and extraterrestrial foes, using the infamous Nanosuit imbued with four abilities: Speed, Strength, Armour and Cloaking.

Fans of the original Crysis will discover upgraded remastered graphics, improved art assets and high-quality textures. Crysis Remastered for the Nintendo Switch is available at Australian retailers now.

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