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Crucial offers 6 times faster work rates with SSD

SYDNEY, 18 August 2016 – If you’ve ever wondered how much more productive your business could be if everyone on your team was able to work faster, Crucial now has the answer. Their new research reveals that on average, SSDs are able to perform everyday business tasks 6x faster than traditional hard drives. Since most employees perform some combination of the below tasks, SSDs can help enhance productivity for businesses of all sizes.

Crucial SSD Sr. Product Marketing Manager Jonathan Weech, explained, “The first question to ask when considering SSDs is, ‘what’s an hour of your time worth?’ Then take that further and ask, ‘how much is an hour of increased productivity worth to the business at large?’ For most businesses, a 6x productivity gain is worth far more than the minimal cost of an SSD.”

While it’s widely known that SSDs (solid state drives) are significantly faster than hard drives, it’s been difficult to quantify the net impact on organisational productivity – until now.

Weech continued, “The great equaliser across all businesses and all industries is time. You can only do so much in 24 hours, and you can’t get more hours in the day. But you can get more out of every hour – that’s the real benefit of SSDs.”

SSDs transform the pace of business. On an individual level, SSDs allow you to do get things done instead of wait on your computer to load. When you can do more, you can serve more customers, ship more orders, crunch more data, and finish digital tasks faster.

On an organisational level, SSDs take this a step further. When everyone is working faster, the business as a whole can move faster, serve customers more efficiently, and outwork the competition.

Wait times often seem inconsequential when it’s just one person or one department. But when your entire organisation has to seek out data on spinning platters, the weight is crushing. Make the switch to SSDs and take back the time and productivity that hard drives are costing you.

Jonathan Weech concluded, “When you compare the time it takes to do something as simple as loading your Internet browser on a hard drive versus an SSD, it’s mind blowing. And exciting. What if you could really do stuff 6x faster? That’s what SSDs allow you – and your entire organisation – to do.”

To see Crucial’s “work 6x faster” in action go to: https://youtu.be/2Z4n4SqQypY

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