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Create with confidence with Cricut’s NEW range of products

Cricut the creative technology company that enables people to make professional-looking handmade goods, has today launched nine (9) all-new Cricut materials and tools to take your DIY projects to the next level!

At Cricut, formulating new and innovative materials that unlock the full potential of Cricut cutting machines — and users’ creativity, is a top priority. Cricut is constantly striving to help people lead creative lives by providing tools to make DIY projects beautiful, fun, and easy. Whether for birthdays, seasonal decorations, DIY or home organisation, the new consumables compatible with Cricut smart cutting machines.

Watercolour your world

Cricut Watercolour Cards and Cricut Watercolour Marker & Brush Set

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The popularity of watercolour painting and cardmaking has continued to grow over the years. However, it’s not always the easiest skill to pick up. After learning about the common issues that make it difficult to master watercolour painting, Cricut is excited to announce the innovation of Cricut Watercolour Cards and the accompanying Cricut Watercolour Marker & Brush Set. It’s the must-have dream team for making one-of-a-kind watercolour greeting cards with a Cricut machine.

Cricut Watercolour Marker & Brush Set

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Cricut Watercolour Markers come in eight (8) different colours (black, brown, yellow, orange, green, blue, purple, and red) to choose from for your Cricut Joy, Cricut Explore®, or Cricut Maker® cutting machines. These nontoxic markers lay down the ink for you to build a masterpiece.

The 8-marker Watercolour Marker & Brush Set also includes a freehand water brush. After you draw your design with the machine, use the Water Brush to create freehand stunning, watercolour effects. It’s simple. Fill the brush with water and blend the desired colour with the bristles.

Cricut Watercolour Cards and Cricut Watercolour Marker & Brush Set make it easy to bring any masterpiece to life. The Cricut Watercolour Cards  come in three (3) different card pack sizes for different cardmaking occasions. The Cricut Card Mat 2×2 or Cricut Joy™ Card Mat is required.

Create a watercolour masterpiece with Cricut

Let it glow

Cricut Glow-in-the-Dark Iron-On and Vinyl

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Whether making for a touch of flair, decoration, or specific occasion, Cricut Glow-in-the-Dark Iron-On and Removable Vinyl are set to light up any creation.

Cricut Glow-in-the-Dark Iron-On

Add a little spark to your Halloween costume.

Spot your crew during late-night gatherings.

Embellish a pet collar with a bit of shine.

Decorate on a wide variety of surfaces and projects with this heat transfer vinyl. Let your imagination glow on apparel, accessories, and more.

Cricut Glow-in-the-Dark Removable Vinyl

Light up the sky in your room.

Add a spark to your campsite labeling.

Go all out during the neighbourhood decoration contest.

Customise without commitment. Cricut Glow-in-the-Dark Removable Vinyl lets you create easily removable decals, labels, window decor, and other items. It’s durable yet removes without residue.

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Strengthen your label game!

Cricut Smart Label Writable Vinyl and Cricut Gel Pens and Permanent Markers

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Cricut Smart Label™ Writable Vinyl

Label projects large or small. Smart Label Writable Vinyl is now available in white, transparent, and black for compatible Cricut cutting machines (i.e. Cricut Joy, Cricut Explore 3, and Cricut Maker 3). These labels work without a mat as the rest of our Smart Materials™ — just load and go!

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Cricut Opaque Gel Pens

Find a brilliant complement to darker cardstock and labels with Cricut Opaque Gel Pens. These roller ball 1.0 mm pens come in opaque white, pink, orange, yellow, and blue ink colours. Event invites, party decorations, and labels may never be the same. It’s so easy to add pops of colour with your Cricut machine.

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Cricut Glitter Gel Pens

Write and Shine! Embellish projects with eye-catching sparkly gel pens. Perfect for Cricut cutting machines, these 0.8 mm pen add flawless text or perfectly drawn images. Cricut Glitter Gel Pens are available in a rainbow set with red, orange, yellow, green, light blue, blue, purple, pink, brown, and black glitter ink. Or find them in neon colours, too.

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Cricut Joy Permanent Markers

Felt-tipped and permanent. Mark up bold lines using these Cricut Joy Markers in classic black as well as gold, silver, and copper. These nontoxic permanent markers bring you bold lines perfect for vinyl, paper, Smart Label materials, and more.

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Cricut’s New Consumables Range and Pricing

Cricut Joy Watercolour Markers and Brush Set | RRP $34.95

Cricut Watercolour Markers and Brush Set (for Maker 3 and Explore 3) | RRP $34.95

Cricut Watercolour Cards (Sizes R20, R40, S40) | RRP $19.95

Cricut Glow-in-the-Dark Iron-On | RRP $24.95

Cricut Glow-in-the-Dark Removable Vinyl | RRP $24.95

Cricut Joy Smart Label Writable Vinyl (White, Transparent, Black) | RRP $14.95

Cricut Smart Label Writable Vinyl (for Maker 3 and Explore 3) (White, Transparent, Black)| RRP $19.95

Cricut Joy Permanent Markers  | RRP $14.95

Cricut Joy Opaque Gel Pens Set | RRP $19.95

Cricut Glitter Gel Rainbow Pen Set (for Maker 3 and Explore 3) | RRP $34.95

Cricut Glitter Gel Neon Pen Set (for Maker 3 and Explore 3) | RRP $19.95

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