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Count Crowley: Mediocre Midnight Monster Hunter #4 Review

Count Crowley: Mediocre Midnight Monster Hunter #4 Review Howard Smith

Summary: A fun story to read.



Fortunate Luck

Either Jerri is incredibly lucky as one of the appointed ones or Omar has a change of heart as a seasoned vampire. Count Crowley: Mediocre Midnight Monster Hunter #4 is brimming with interesting events tied together all in one comic book. Namely, Jerri and Omar develop a secret relationship unforeseen to both opposing parties. Omar enlightens Jerri on how to reel in the Boonville Spook by using the incantations found within her guidebook. As far as monsters and their respective monster hunters, a vampire helping a hunter to deliver a ghost from the Earthly plain of existence isn’t quite so common. Vincent isn’t the usually frail old man who would stay in a nursing home, especially if he knows something is very wrong. As surprising as this is for the last issue of this chapter, there is more in store for Jerri than she can imagine.

As David Dastmalchian (Criminal Macabre/Count Crowley: From the Pit, They Came) wraps up writing this wonderful chapter of Count Crowley, readers are left with a major hangover that looks worse than it could be. Count Crowley: Mediocre Midnight Monster Hunter #4 leaves no open-ended suggestions as to what is happening in the story. Dastmalchian writes a comic book that hits all the right spots in a world of monsters and hunters. The unique distinction that Dastmalchian has with his story is that it’s not boring to read. Credibly, he keeps Jerri on a learner level rather than creating a time-lapse where she has been made smarter than she was before. In this sense, the readers themselves can grow along with Jerri’s development as she progresses forward in trying to balance out her regular life and that of an appointed one. It’s challenging for her to understand her newfound position and for readers to understand her journey. Moreover, readers get a chance to see Vincent in action rather than him constantly being shackled to the confines of his nursing home room. Dastmalchian called back to the previous issue of this series that felt something needed to be addressed about her drinking and getting that coin for being sober. With excellent delivery, he accomplished closing that useful development for Jerri.

Lukas Ketner (Witch Docter: The Resurrection) has been consistently illustrating Count Crowley: Mediocre Midnight Monster Hunter #4 with artwork that matches the story’s approach to monster hunting and the entities that reside in the comic book. His linework indicates that crafting this chapter’s last issue required more attention to detail. Noticeably, Ketner leaves little inserts of items in his artwork that if speeding through the story will be missed. However, Ketner does give the comic book an overwhelming ominous to it that sustains its quality of interest for readers. Ketner’s cover artwork is a cool feature on display for readers to be enticed. The likably aspect of this cover is that it showcases a possible foreshadowing as to what is happening with Crowley and her mission about the Boonville Spook. It’s creepy, but cool at the same time.

Speaking of quality, Lauren Affe (Charred Remains) gives Count Crowley: Mediocre Midnight Monster Hunter #4 a glorious visual enhancement that perfectly captures what readers should be feeling when they come across certain panels that make a lot of sense for colors to exist purposefully. Affe’s pallet of colors put the comic book in a state of interest for more than what’s been given so far by Dastmalchian.

Despite more dialogue than usual, Frank Cvetkovic’s lettering exceeded expectations in finishing this chapter of Jerri’s story. Granted, Cvetkovic’s willingness to create the necessary components for readers to read the confines of the comic book without disruption turned out to be a great job on his part. The sound effects in this comic book were good, plus the usage of dialogue was positioned in areas that allow readers to take in the full grasp of the story.

Overall, Count Crowley: Mediocre Midnight Monster Hunter #4 is a fun story to read or share with someone who enjoys the same genre of interest. It’s full of twists and turns and the story isn’t over yet as there is bound to be more to transpire in the comic book. Be sure to pick this one up at your local comic book store or online where copies are sold. Hopefully, Jerri can find her way out of this. Don’t miss it!

Comic Details

Writer: David Dastmalchian

Artist: Lukas Ketner

Colors: Lauren Affe

Letters: Frank Cvetkovic

Editor: Megan Walker

Publisher: Dark Horse Comics

Release Date: May 29th, 2024

Score: 4/5

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