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Cosmonauts Launch World of Tanks Stellar Bonus Event in Space

The crew of the International Space Station beam a special message back to Earth

April 12, 2018 — To celebrate the International Day of Human Space Flight cosmonauts of the International Space Station (ISS) Oleg Artemyev and Anton Shkaplerov launch an out-of-this-world Stellar Bonus event in World of Tanks.

To participate in the event players should simply log-in to their World of Tanks account and play one battle between April 12, 16.00 AEDT and April 13, 16.00 AEDT to claim their Stellar Bonus of valuable in-game boosters.

What the Stellar Bonus nets you:

  • +100% combat XP personal reserve (1 hour)
  • +300% crew XP personal reserve (1 hour)
  • +300% free XP personal reserve (1 hour)
  • +50% credits personal reserve (1 hour)

Watch a video message from space here:

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