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You are Cordially Invited to One Night In Karazhan – The Newest Hearthstone Adventure Begins August 12

Equip your dancing shoes and make sure you’re properly attuned, because you’re invited to the hottest party in the Eastern Kingdoms! Blizzard Entertainment today revealed One Night in Karazhan—a brand-new Hearthstone Adventure that takes players inside Medivh’s tower, Karazhan, for a truly enchanted experience. As Azeroth’s most powerful mage, Medivh’s magical prowess is surpassed only by his love for extravagant shindigs, and he has spared no expense to entertain his cherished guests—lavish feasts, impeccable Opera performances, and more await you inside.

Once you arrive at the party, you’ll find that Medivh has gone missing—and his collection of arcane objects is running amok throughout the castle. It’s up to you and Moroes, Medivh’s trusted butler, to keep the party under control and find your host, while still finding time to enjoy the amenities! With a lineup of iconic characters to encounter, everyone’s favourite enchanted chess board, and 45 new cards to add to your collection, One Night in Karazhan promises to be an Adventure to remember.

The party starts in Australia and New Zealand on August 12 for Windows and Mac PCs; Windows, iOS, and Android tablets; and iOS and Android mobile phones, and the four wings of One Night in Karazhan will open on a weekly basis (one per week). One Night in Karazhan will be available in the in-game shop in full for $24.99 AUD (on PC), one wing at a time for 700 gold or $8.99 AUD each (on PC), or in discounted bundles based on the number of individual wings already purchased. Upon release, all Hearthstone players will be able to play a prologue mission free and earn two of the Adventure’s new cards. In addition, players who purchase the full Adventure during the first week of its release will receive a special Karazhan-themed card back!

Check out the star-studded guest list and learn more about One Night in Karazhan at

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