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Summary: With the first portal closed, Boone and company must now set forth to their next destination: The Black Lands of Kemet.


A fun ride!

With the first portal closed, Boone and company must now set forth to their next destination, which takes them to the mysterious Black Lands of Kemet.

This issue begins with Grandor fearlessly leaping into the molten depths of an active volcano, so that he may seal the portal to Earth. Standing in his way in a gargantuan copper golem in the form of a giant spider. As Boone, Violent and Glum watch on as spectators from above, Boone suddenly decides to assist Grandor and recklessly dives into the volcano with the intentions of taking out the copper golem. Rather than helping he becomes more of a hindrance, and we see Grandor having to rescue him from inside of the golem. With the first portal sealed, they must now make haste to their next destination: The Black Lands of Kemet. Born out of the myths and legends from Ancient Egypt, this place is located on the farthest south-eastern reaches of the Ether. Walking through unforgiving heat in the arid wastes of the desert, they eventually discover a pyramid which Boone believes to be the location of the next portal. It’s time to venture inside, but what exactly is waiting for them?

I’ve gotta say that the new realms we get to explore with each new issue are excellent. Not only do they bring visual diversity to the tale but they also develop and deepen that complex Ether lore that I’m really intrigued about. Whilst the first arc felt more like a detective story, this new arc seems more rounded and developed, with a lot of care taken with the world-building. I also loved the ominous vibe that takes over when they enter Kemet, feeling like this is a place of mystery and looming danger. Once they entered the pyramid, I immediately got flashbacks to the H.P. Lovecraft short story Imprisoned with the Pharaohs, with ancient deities and an unsettling sense of fear and wonder about the unknown. This excites me greatly and I can’t wait to see what unfolds in the following chapter.

It feels like Matt Kindt is exploring more of Boone’s awkward character in this arc as well. He really feels like an outsider, a character who has never truly fit in anywhere. In the Ether, he alienates himself with his science jargon and denial of magic. We also get to see more of Violet and Boone’s past together and the events that lead up to their strained and prickly dynamic. I like how this is being fleshed out more, making Violet’s hostility towards Boone more understandable.

Once again David Rubin’s art delivers a hefty dose of visual diversity and light-hearted fun. We get to see some excellent monster and character designs that all possess a fun sense of energy. The action sequences during the volcano scene were excellent and captured a feeling of movement and fluidity. The copper golem itself was epic, like some kind of hulking spider automaton. I don’t like spiders but I liked this thing! I thought that the scale of everything in Kemet was interesting, making Boone and his companions look like tiny ants surrounded by giant sphinxes and an endless desert. The colouring is just as diverse as the art, changing to match the overall tonal shifts of the story. From vibrant purples and reds, to glowing electric greens and neon blues, this palette is gorgeous and really brings the art to life.

Overall, I’m finding this arc to be immersive, fun and one big ol’ giant adventure. Each new chapter is bringing something fresh and exciting to the table, and I just love the unexpected nature of the story and challenges these characters are facing.

I’m giving this issue 4 out of 5 stars!

CREATIVE TEAM: Matt Kindt and David Rubin
PUBLISHER: Dark Horse Comics
GENRE: Science-Fiction/Fantasy
REVIEWER: Dana Folkard

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