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Connect: AmbiColour Smart light Curtain Review

The term “light curtain” is not in common parlance, but it is precisely as the name suggests. In actual fact, it is a matrix of ARGB LED’s that are controlled by a smart digital controller that contains a sound sensor and is capable of being programmed with an application on your phone.

The concept is simple, you hang the ‘curtain’ against your existing curtain in a window, or on the wall as a digital tapestry and begin to amaze your family and friends in optical splendour and delight.

Specifications & Description

Illuminate a spacious section of your home with the Connect SmartHome AmbiColour Smart Light Curtain. Craft virtually any image or pattern with the 400 displayed LEDs. With easy installation and setup, you can quickly create your distinctive light show in no time!

  • Easy to Install – Comes with hooks, drilling and wiring-free.
  • Water-resistant (IP44) – Suitable for Indoors or Outdoors.
  • Control Each LED Individually – Create your own patterns and images.
  • Wireless Connectivity – Supports compatibility with home Wi-Fi networks with connection to your phone via Bluetooth.
  • Music Sync – Watch as the light colours dance to the rhythm of the music.



Upon opening the box, everything is just thrown in there.

The curtain has a lot of wires going everywhere and is quite ‘busy’, so it is welcomed that it is grouped and tied with twist ties.

Included is a baggy with the plastic hooks, two part covers, screws and one of those annoying tiny screwdrivers.

A small bit of reading material to get started with the application is included.

Assembly and Mounting

Unfortunately there was no instructions on the assembly for the plastic covers and mounts. Staring blankly at them for a few minutes leads to the obvious outcome, which is to say there are two types of covers an A and B which go together with the hook wedged between them.

The problem is that the mould assumes somebody has three hands and can hold the hook in place, rather than make one half hold the hook in the first place, they chose to make it more difficult to assemble.

The included screwdriver is also suspiciously one size too small for the included screws. It works, but it slips around. After half way through assembly, it was time to find an alternative and this made the job a lot easier and faster.

The hooks are designed only for a thin curtain cable – eg like a clothes line. It wont be suitable for large curtain rods. But the hooks do rotate freely within the holder, so reverse/inverse mounting can be applied and should be suitable for most installations.

Included was a couple spare clamps and hooks, which was useful since one of the clamps was a dud.

There were some inconsistencies between the length of shielding and the shape of each of the connected segments. Some sections are more difficult to ‘fit’ correctly inside the allotted space, but with some trial, effort and a bit of light bending, it is achievable.

It would be nice if this product was preassembled, but perhaps some people may find that they wish to mount the curtain without the mounts installed. It certainly would reduce the cost for the manufacturer.

Testing & Impressions

The curtain immediately impresses.

The LED’s are bright and vibrant for each colour. There is no drop in intensity between the darker to lighter colours, and the LED’s are uniform throughout.

There are two buttons on the controller, a power switch and a mode button. Toggling presets is one press whilst a long press and hold will toggle the operational mode, that is a static pattern or responsive pattern.

Although unclear as to the reason, the control module is closer to the top of the curtain, meaning it will hang to to the side in full view. One could argue that it is for increased audio response and wireless signal, but it is just odd and annoying to have to reach.

<photo of diagram?>

Nevertheless, the presets are amazing. There is also Christmas themed tree and “Santa boot”, whilst the audio response patterns are fun and light up the entire room when the sound intensity changes suddenly.

Smart App

The box contains a QR barcode which leads to the app store of choice and is easily downloaded.

Immediately the presentation of the Privacy Policy and User agreement is presented.

The privacy policy seeks to collect personal information included GPS data in order to use this product. Further reading of the agreement was more than a little foreboding and overreaching. In actual fact, it is likely not enforceable in Australia, but nevertheless was quite concerning that the trade-off to make pretty lights was not worth the requirement to be beholden to the CCP.

There was no further testing or use of the application.

Final Thoughts

The Ambicolour Smart Light Curtain is a fun and en-lightening product (sorry for the pun).

A lot of light strips and LED products on the market retail for up to double the price of this product at the time of writing. None of which provide a full matrix display that can be programmed – if you are willing to use the application and be tracked accordingly.

It really is all about the background that you place the LED curtain on. The results are never as fantastic as the photos or videos would make out, but they are excellent. Especially in a dark lounge room with an action movie, and seeing the wall light up with excitement. Equally setting the mood around Christmas time, or just providing a nice ambient static coloured light, can really make a nice environment when entertaining.

The curtain fits an entire “double window” that is standard in Australian homes, and you could easily combine two of them together for a double wide or interposed effect.

Despite the main detractors, the obvious spying nature of the smart application and the annoying position of the control box, this is still a pretty reasonable product and at the MSRP of $109.95 at the time of writing, it represents great value for those who want an off the shelf matrix LED solution.

Connect: AmbiColour Smart light Curtain Review Scott De Lacy

Summary: A good quality smart and programable ARGB light matrix that comes preloaded with multiple static patterns and audio response mode.



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