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COMING HOME IN THE DARK Home Entertainment Release Detailed

Monster Pictures in association with Umbrella Entertainment will release the critically acclaimed New Zealand thriller COMING HOME IN THE DARK to Blu-ray & DVD in Australia on November 3.

Following its World Premiere at the prestigious Sundance Film Festival in the US earlier this year, COMING HOME IN THE DARK has blazed the international film festival circuit to widespread critical acclaim with an aggregated score of 92% on Rotten Tomatoes.

Based on a short story written by award-winning New Zealand author Owen Marshall, COMING HOME IN THE DARK follows a man who is forced to confront a secret from his past when a pair of ruthless drifters take his family on a nightmare road-trip.

Adapted for the screen by James Ashcroft and his long-time collaborator, writer Eli Kent (Millie Lies Low). As both director and executive producer, the film is James Ashcroft’s feature film directorial debut and he is now tapped to co-write and direct Hollywood blockbuster DEVOLUTION for Legendary Pictures, based off the novel by Max Brooks (World War Z).

COMING HOME IN THE DARK stars Daniel Gillies (The Vampire Diaries), Erik Thomson (The Luminaries), Miriama McDowell (Head High) and Matthias Luafutu (Ghost in the Shell).

Blu-ray Special Features

Audio Commentary

  • with writer/director James Ashcroft

Into the Dark

  • a featurette with writer/director James Ashcroft, writer Eli Kent, producers Catherine Fitzgerald, Desray Armstrong & Mike Minogue; cast members Daniel Gillies, Erik Thomson, Miriama McDowell & Matthias Luafutu on the making-of the film.

Characters, Cast & Craft of the Dark

  • an in-depth featurette with writer/director James Ashcroft & writer Eli Kent on adapting Owen Marshall’s short story to feature screenplay and developing the characters within it.

Enabling the Dark

  • a featurette with producers Catherine Fitzgerald, Desray Armstrong and Mike Minogue on working with first-time feature filmmaker James Ashcroft to realise his vision for COMING HOME IN THE DARK.

Daniel of the Dark

  • a featurette with lead actor Daniel Gillies on working with filmmaker James Ashcroft and how he prepared for his role as Mandrake.

Short Film

  • PIGS (2016) – a short film written by COMING HOME IN THE DARK screenwriters James Ashcroft & Eli Kent and directed by James Ashcroft.

Theatrical Trailer

  • with optional audio commentary by trailer editor Jarret Gahan on his approach in crafting the trailer for COMING HOME IN THE DARK.

MIFF 2021 Q&A

  • with writer/director James Ashcroft moderated by Zak Hepburn.

TV Spots

  • 2x 30Sec Broadcast Spots

Image Gallery

  • a photographic behind-the-scenes look at the production of the film.

Monster Pictures Exclusive Version
Exclusive to the Monster Pictures Shop is the Blu-ray release with a Slipcover featuring extended artwork and limited to 100 units worldwide.

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