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Cobra Commander #5 Review

Cobra Commander #5 Review Matt Fischer

Summary: We've arrived at the beginning. Our favorite evil organization has been built and now America is doomed. Let's hope that the upcoming comics are as good as this one.



Background – Two insane people join forces. What could be bad about that?

Writing – This isn’t the cartoon Cobra Commander. This man is vicious, is willing to do whatever it takes, and has no qualms about killing someone if it advances his agenda. Even Destro is surprised that Cobra Commander is willing to kill his own troops. This issue solidifies that he is more of a Gordon Gecko than an outright terrorist (He even describes himself as a salesman). He is an invigorating, powerful speaker who knows just the right things to say to gather support from people.

Destro is… still very undefined. From what we’ve seen of him in Duke and this issue, he’s a brilliant inventor and arms dealer who wears a mask made of metal. His motives other than to make money are a mystery, but at least we have the Destro mini-series coming up.  On a final note, he DEFINITELY does not trust the Commander. Destro is an uneasy ally which I’m sure will lead to conflict once G.I. Joe gets off the ground.

Artwork – Everybody is in their classic costumes in this issue. Cobra Commander wears his “Old Snake” outfit before transitioning into his season 1 attire (As much as I love the hood, I doubt we will ever see it again.). Destro wears a stripped-down version of his “Profit Director” look before donning his classic black jumpsuit. But what really stands out in this issue is still the designs for Cobra-La. The designs in these 3 pages are so fantastical and so out there it makes the rest of the book look kind of plain.

Final Thoughts – Cobra the organization is officially born. Cobra Commander and Destro have joined forces, and with more recruits, better B.A.T.S. and other technology at their fingertips, the world is in grave danger. Thankfully that grave danger gives us a solid comic book to read. While the art could pop more, the writing more than makes up for it. There is definitely a huge war brewing between Cobra, The Cybertronians, Cobra-La, and G.I. Joe. The only downside is that this was ONLY a 5-issue miniseries. Oh well! Onto Destro!

Comic Details

Publisher:  Image
Writer:  Joshua Williamson
Artist: Andrea Milana
Colorist:  Annalisa Leoni
Letterer: Rus Wooton
Genre:  Superhero
Format: Monthly
Release Date: 05/22/2024

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