Published on December 7th, 2022 | by Andrew Bistak

Claim Your Throne Now: Grand Strategy Game Knights of Honor II: Sovereign is Available Now

Long live the King: The day has come, sovereigns! The new grand strategy game, Knights of Honor II: Sovereign, is available now on PC. Pick from one of 200+ realms in three different starting eras and lead your chosen people to glory! You can control every aspect of your aspiring kingdom. Lead the economy to greatness by developing your cities and provinces and negotiating profitable trade deals. Master diplomacy and surround your kingdom with allies and friendly neighbours. Use espionage to weaken your enemies significantly and maintain control of your own realm. Establish your royal court and create a family that turns into a powerful dynasty to rule over your lands for hundreds of years to come. What will your legacy be?

Watch the launch trailer on YouTube:

If you want to deep-dive into every aspect of the game, check out our Dev-Streams on YouTube:

Knights of Honor II: Sovereign is out now on PC-  if you are quick, you’ll profit from a 12% launch discount in the first week!

Get it on Steam:

We are also excited to announce that Knights of Honor II: Sovereign will be ready to play on GeForce Now at launch — giving gamers instant access to GeForce PC performance, on nearly any device.

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