Published on January 20th, 2023 | by Adrian Gunning

Civilization VI: Leader Pass – Rulers of China Pack Now Available!

The next DLC pack for Civilization VI: Leader Pass – Rulers of China – is now available! Establish new dynasties with the Rulers of China Pack*, which includes Yongle (China), Wu Zetian (China) and Qin Shi Huang the Unifier (China).

Yongle (China)

When Zhu Di, prince of Yan, ascended to the throne, he took the reign name Yongle. As emperor, he didn’t overindulge in luxuries, but sought and received tributes from dozens of other countries. In-game, he likes Civilizations with positive income per turn and dislikes those with negative income per turn.

New Ability: Lijia

  • All Cities receive projects where they can convert 50% of their Production into Food, Faith, or 100% if it is Gold.
  • Cities with 10 or more Population receive +2 Gold, +1 Science, and +1 Culture per turn for each Population in the city (requires Rise and Fall or Gathering Storm DLC pack).

Wu Zetian (China)

The only woman ever to sit on China’s throne, Wu Zetian shifted the focus of power away from powerful families in favour of a more centralized bureaucracy and, by opening administrative examinations to all, moved Chinese politics towards a more meritocratic system. As the empress regnant, she relied on her secret police to eliminate any perceived rivals, and she’s no more tolerant of competition in-game. She dislikes any nearby armies and settlements that aren’t hers.

New Ability: Manual of Entrapment

  • All offensive Spies operate at 1 level higher.
  • Whenever an offensive spy mission is successful, you also gain 25% of the Culture and Science that the targeted city earned that turn.
  • Receive a free spy after discovering Defensive Tactics.

Qin Shi Huang the Unifier (China))

While he didn’t personally lead troops, Qin Shi Huang is remembered as a warlord who unified China, even going so far as to standardize weights and measures, make Chinese writing uniform, and issue a new Imperial currency.  He’s also remembered for the creation of what we now know as the Terracotta Army, which was constructed to protect him in the afterlife. Since he likes to recruit Barbarians in-game, he dislikes when other Civilizations attempt to defeat them.

New Ability: Thirty-Six Stratagems

  • Melee units receive the Converts Barbarian Action. This action transforms Barbarian units into your units.

Civilization VI: Leader Pass** is a new season pass that adds 18 new playable leader selections to Civilization VI. Civilization VI: Leader Pass content will be delivered via six DLC packs scheduled for release through March 2023*** on Windows PC via Steam and Epic, MacOS via Steam and the Mac App Store, and iOS via the App Store. For more details on Civilization VI: Leader Pass, visit

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